The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘Lost,’ ‘NCIS’ and More!

Josh Holloway ('Lost'), Michael Weatherly ('NCIS') and Audra McDonald ('Private Practice')

Josh Holloway ('Lost'), Michael Weatherly ('NCIS') and Audra McDonald ('Private Practice')

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

What day is ‘Lost‘s series finale? – jylynn via Twitter
Speak of the Man in Black Devil, ‘Lost’ bosses Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse simul-Tweeted on Monday evening that they had just finished editing the series ender, spurring a chorus of frowny emoticons. The story of our fearless castaways will wrap up on Sunday, May 23rd, when ABC presents a two-hour recap show followed by the two-hour finale followed by a ‘Lost-tastic Jimmy Kimmel special. And the preceding night, you can catch an “enhanced” presentation of the series pilot.

Got any ‘Lost‘ scoop? – Jeremy
Elizabeth Mitchell tells me that not long ago she filmed scenes that may… or may not… figure into the aforementioned finale, but for certain do offer resolution to “a lot of the Juliet stuff” – cryptic coffee dates and messages to Miles perhaps included. “What they chose to do was very satisfying, and what I shot was really interesting, so I can’t wait to see it,” she says. Might her final scenes be romantic, involving island Sawyer and/or Sideways Jack? “I can’t say,” the star of ‘V’ hedged. “I wish I could, but they want it to be completely secret.” Fair ’nuff.

New J.J. Abrams Series Lands on NBC’s Fall Schedule

Any dish on who is killed off of ‘Private Practice‘? – Kath
Here is what Tim Daly told me about the tragic loss heading Oceanside’s way in the May 13 finale: “I can say with absolute certainty – and you can quote me on this – that it’s either a man or a woman.” Exclusive! OK, but beyond that? The death “will have a definite impact on the canvas,” Daly says, especially since “this has been in the works for a while. It will ultimately be good for the show and good for the person who’s [leaving].”

I loved the original cast of ‘NCIS.’ When Kate left, I was disappointed, and when Jenny left, I was sad. I’m not sure I can continue to watch if they lose more strong characters. – Michelle
‘NCIS’ has endured tricky transitions over its long run, but the good news is that, hopefully, the band will remain intact heading into fall. Of the four regulars whose deals expired this season, David McCallum has re-signed, while Michael Weatherly told TV Guide Magazine he’s “extremely optimistic” he’ll return to CBS’ top-rated drama. Two-ish down, two (Pauley Perrette and Sean Murray) to go!

One ‘NCIS’ Vet Re-Signs, Three Still In Limbo

I’m a huge fan of the new ‘V‘! Do you have any huge spoiler for the season finale? Please give us a clue, anything! – Elodie
Lourdes Benedicto, who plays Val, told me that in the May 18 finale, “A few things come to a head, there are a few revelations, and there are a couple of surprises. It will leave you wanting more.” Even teasier, Elizabeth Mitchell says, “There are two things that made my jaw drop. Actually, no, wait – three!” Um, how does someone forget a jaw-dropper?! She explains: “There’s one thing I could not believe they did, and I had just now kind of accepted it. But it does happen.”

Should we expect a cliffhanger for the ‘Cougar Town‘ finale or good times for “Juleson”? – Megabby via Twitter
Since ‘Cougar Town’ wrangler Bill Lawrence has said, “I’m not a big cliffhanger guy,” instead a source tells me that “good, funny and sweet” times are to be had on May 19.

I’m a bit confused by the final scene of last week’s ‘Glee.’ Is Kurt now mad at his dad and Finn? – Dawn
Finn may be warming up to Mr. Hummel as a father figure, but from where Kurt stands, the plan to pair up the ‘rents “kind of backfired on him,” says Chris Colfer. “He had this diabolical scheme to attempt to win Finn over, again, and it all just kind of blew up in his face.” Chris says the lingering father-“sons” tension will be addressed later this season.

Thanks for all the ‘Good Wife‘ scoop! What’s going to happen to Peter now that he has set off the ankle monitor alarm?! – Linda
That was a great “Whoa” moment, right? (And quite the romantic gesture, if you ask me.) When the action picks back up tonight, watch for the Florrick kids to play a role in extricating Dad from his “alarming” situation.

‘The Good Wife’: The Good Word On What’s Next

Who was the old guy playing the bass for the “pizza delivery” at the end of last week’s ‘Community‘? Google is failing me. – Toni
That was veteran actor Richard Erdman, who to date has popped up on the NBC laffer eight times. You (or your grandparents) know Richard from such series as ‘Perry Mason’ and ‘The Tab Hunter Show.’ P.S. This week’s ‘Community’ is must-see, one of the series’ finest half-hours. The paintball war-themed outing features nods to such fare as ‘Terminator,’ ‘Friends’ and John Woo films, and also puts the ‘Glee’ kids in its crosshairs.

What do you know about the ‘Smallville‘ finale? – Bess
In keeping with past climaxes, ‘Smallville’s May 14 finale will lay the foundation for next season’s big storyline. “There will be one small plant of something that we’re teeing up,” says exec producer Brian Peterson, “and people will just have to watch carefully for that.” Oh, and since we seem poised for a showdown ‘tween Clark/his superfriends and Zod/the Kanodorians, I asked Peterson if “Salvation” stands to be the series’ largest-scale finale ever. He didn’t sign off on that superlative, but instead hails it as “the most iconic.”

Do you have any info on the upcoming episodes of ‘Lie to Me‘? I love that show. – catbean715 via Twitter
‘Lie to Me’ resumes its season on June 7, and here’s a recap of exclusives and scooplets I have shared thus far:
* One episode will flash back to Cal and Gillian’s first meeting, back at the Pentagon. Kelli Williams describes that introduction as “tense.”
* We’ll meet Torres’ younger sister, a juvie hall regular to be played by Alyssa Diaz (’As the World Turns’).
* ‘Desperate Housewives’ alum Richard Burgi will guest-star as a governor targeted for assassination.
* And one episode will reunite no less than six alumni of Shawn Ryan’s ‘The Shield.’

Have you seen ABC’s ‘The Gates’ yet? I’m very curious about that one. – Richard
I expect to get a first look at ‘The Gates’ (premiering June 20) in a week or so, and I’m as curious as you are. For one, it is described as “a supernatural crime drama set in a gated community.” OK…. Secondly, a good friend who works on the show told me, “I know you will like it, Matt” – which can only mean, what, that it will successively guest star Sarah Brown, Charisma Carpenter, JoAnna Garcia and Kaley Cuoco?

Has there been any progress on finding a home for ‘Damages‘ fourth season? Can you give odds of it coming back? – Gord
Sorry, buddy, but well-placed insiders tell me the chances are “very slim” for a renewal on any network, rumored savior DirecTV included. Bummer, since Season 3 was so kick-ass.

Anything more on the ‘CSI: NY‘ finale besides Danny, Lindsay and Baby Lucy in peril? – Clarisse
What, like a B-story in which Mac debates which lady friend to take to Papaya King? Make no mistake, the Messers are the main attraction on May 26.

Got any scoop on what Tara is up to in Season 3 of ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ (premiering in September)? – M.L.
Quite understandably, Tara (played by Maggie Siff) will be struggling with the fallout of Abel’s kidnapping and the wreckage it has caused both personally and professionally.

Any teases for ‘Supernatural‘s final two episodes? Specifically, will we see Dean’s “God EMF” necklace play a role? – Jay
Deemed “worthless” by a disenfranchised Castiel, the bauble got tossed into a motel room trashcan by Dean at the end of “Dark Side of the Moon.” So unless Sam fished it out and has been saving it for a “rainy day”….

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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