Next on ‘V’: Unstoppable Foes! And Foxy Boxing!

Elizabeth Mitchell and Charles Mesure, 'V' (ABC)

Elizabeth Mitchell and Charles Mesure, 'V' (ABC)

If you thought the Visitors’ deployed soldier was Terminator-like in his resolve, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

This week on ABC’s ‘V‘ (Tuesdays at 10/9c), Erica, Jack, Ryan and Hobbes must figure out how to ward off an entire shuttle full of V “trackers,” supercapable hunters who won’t stop at anything to find and extinguish their prey.

“If someone sends a tracker after you, there’s nowhere you can hide,” says series star Elizabeth Mitchell, explaining the difference from a regular V solider. “They basically can get into the system and find out whatever information they need. And they have animal-type capabilities, so they can physically track you as well.”

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In other words, should this squad of trackers set foot on Earth, “We’re done. Done,” asserts Mitchell. “I suppose we can try to eliminate to them when they’re on the ground, but as we have seen, Vs are harder than they look to take out.”

As such, Erica’s band of resistance fighters aims to keep the ominous shuttle from ever touching down on Earth – even though the prospect of blasting it out of the sky comes with significant risks. After all, what if there are also humans on board? And what if the crippled shuttle crashes down on Earth innocents?

“It could be a really terrible thing. You’re talking about possible massive collateral damage,” Mitchell previews. “But I guess it has to be tried.”

Speaking of fighters, Mitchell urges any viewers hoping for an Erica/Father Jack romance to tune into this week’s episode, as the two characters brush up on their combat skills.

“We get to see him boxing, in a tank top, so that was a good day!” the actress shares with a wink. “We also see Erica boxing, and then we get to see them watching each other boxing – that was also quite fun.”

ABC’s ‘V’ airs Tuesdays at 10/9c. The season finale airs May 18.

Watch a ‘V’ preview here:

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