‘Lost,’ ‘The Candidate:’ Major Heartbreak Crushes Viewers

Going Out Fighting (Photo: ABC)

Going Out Fighting (Photo: ABC)

“Letting go is not easy,” my Dear Losties, and we’ll be shaking off the heartbreak from this week’s ‘Lost‘ for some time, since we all just suffered a major blow.

SPOILER ALERT. Do Not Continue if you have not watched Tuesday night’s episode of ‘Lost.’

You’ve been warned.

Because the death toll just popped into wicked overdrive. We’ve had a sinking feeling this wasn’t going to end well for some of our beloved Losties, but with three more episodes to go until the series finale, we weren’t quite prepared for it to happen just yet. Or like this.

As the remaining survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 attempted their great escape from The Island on a hijacked submarine, the Man in Black pulled the old secret-bomb-in-the-backpack trick, and BOOM. And so, we wipe the tears across our faces and reluctantly chalk up four more characters to Island Sacrifice.

RIP: Sun Kwon. Jin Kwon. Frank Lapidus. Sayid Jarrah (for real this time).

The loss of three original cast members (plus the criminally underutilized sidekick Lapidus) in one wet and wild episode has ‘Lost’ fans reeling. It played out like a mini-movie of epic proportions, with a tragically beautiful score, set at such a frenetic pace, time flew by faster than the Smoke Monster in whoop-ass mode. It was the biggest hit the gang has taken in a single episode, and easily lands on the Top 5 episodes of all time list. Especially the cruel twist of fate of having the recently reunited Sun and Jin among the casualties. Damn you, Lost! That was just mean!

“I have no words,” says my fellow ‘Lost’ addict Mario. “I don’t know what to say,” writes one Fancast reader. “At a loss,” was littered across Facebook pages after the episode aired. I cried. You cried. I’m sure Matthew Fox, the best man cryer on TV, was off crying in a Mai Tai cocktail somewhere.

They lived together, but at least they did not die alone.

“Just when you think something is happy, it turns sad” — Daniel Dae Kim

Oh Noes! Not Sun! (Photo: ABC)

Oh Noes! Not Sun! (Photo: ABC)

The Sun Goes Down on Leo and Kate
Raise your hankies! Who had a good cathartic cry over the heartbreaking final moments between Jin and Sun, my Dear Losties? It was a graceful, poignant end to these tortured, tragic soul mates, even if it was totally ‘Titanic.’ Sun trapped on the flooding, sinking sub behind some maddening piece of metal, Jin refusing to leave her, despite her desperate pleas to save himself and, one assumes, go raise their miracle baby that only exists in digital cameras. “I won’t leave you,” he swore. Jin’s first words in the pilot episode were, “Sun, you must never leave my sight.” When they were finally reunited in the last episode, he promised he’d never leave her again, and he kept his word. Jin Kwon was a good man.

*Parental Advisory: Many people find it unbelievable that Sun and Jin didn’t take their three-year-old child Ji-Yeon into consideration when Jin choose to stay with Sun for, uh, eternity. It was this same ambivalence about the baby that Sun displayed when she chose to leave the tot behind when the Oceanic 6 returned to the island, that has me convinced, that baby isn’t real. Hence my silly jokes about her being ‘the miracle baby that only exists in digital cameras.’ How is it that Ji-Yeon doesn’t actually exist? I have no idea! But they don’t seem to be too worried about her. Maybe she cries a lot.

But as emotional as it was to watch them drown, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the last we’ll see of the Kwons. We’ve seen plenty of ‘dead’ characters ‘alive’ in the Alt-Verse, and YAY, that was Jin breezing by Locke in the hallway of the hospital, bringing flowers to his shot pregnant wife. Maybe Jack was right: Maybe it will “all be okay.” (Pretty please?)

Oh Noes! Not Sun AND Jin! (Photo: ABC)

The Candidate
Yep, as suspected, Jack’s our boy. Jack Shephard has got to be THE ‘Candidate’ to be the New Jake. With Zombie Sayid nowhere to be found, our old friend Sayid the Soldier, who knows about guns and gadgets, tranceivers and satellites, and BOMB WIRES, takes the ticking C-4 pack and RUNS his ass all the way to Redemptionville, taking the brunt of the blast and allowing a handful of the Losties to escape the sinking submarine. Before he does, he gives a little tip to our fearless leader: “There’s a well on other side of island. Desmond is inside it. Locke wants him dead. Why am I telling you this? Because it’s going to be you Jack.” BOOM.

Sayid Saves the Day (Photo: ABC)

Sayid Saves the Day (Photo: ABC)

It’s Black and White
Have we finally settled the score over who is good and who is evil? After that night of smoke monster madness, I’ve let go of the idea that the Man in Black, who is impervious to bullets, btw, may have a secret benevolent side. The Locke-ness Monster, you are evil incarnate. Team Jacob better collect themselves and start working with Charles Widmore to keep That Thing out of the ‘real’ world.

Pawn Stars
“We did exactly what he wanted,” Hero Jack laments of Not-Locke’s master plan to murder the remaining candidates and manipulating them like pawns on the island chessboard. He’s a crafty one too, because Not-Locke revealed his entire plan to the Losties beforehand, but tricks them into thinking he’s talking about Chuck Widmore’s shenanigans. “He wants to get us all in the same place, at the same time, a nice confined space, where we have no hope of getting out of, and then he wants to kill us.”

Because MIB can’t kill them himself, he staged it so they pulled the trigger. Or, in this case, a distrustful Sawyer, who tripped the wire on the bomb with the ticking watch timer (pausing for 16 seconds at 1:31, a variant of the recurring theme of fives), but Jack doesn’t need to institute his Five Seconds of Fear Rule. He just ‘knows’ they’ll be okay and it won’t go off. Jack tried to stop Sawyer by explaining, “He can’t kill us. Nothing will happen. James, we’re going to be okay. You just have to trust me.” That New Jack City is so smart these days. He’s figuring it all out! But because that’d be ridiculous–it’s a ticking bomb, hello!–and because Sawyer wasn’t there for Jack’s game of chicken with Richard and the dynamite, he just can’t let it go. Not to mention that little ‘incident’ with Juliet and Jughead. Sorry, doc.

“Feel like we’re running in circles, Freckles?”
There was a tender but unsettling moment between Sawyer and Kate, captive together once again in the cages, as James revealed that he saw her name crossed out in the Secret Bat Cave. The recognition on Kate’s face, that she is not ‘needed’ or ‘important’ and therefore very expendable, was a bit sadsies. Cue foreshadowing to Kate getting shot 10 minutes later.

~I’m also vibing that our Love Story, which has been running in circles since Season 1, is going to end with Kate and … Jack, at last. When Kate ran to Jack on the beach and tearfully grabbed him as Sawyer lay on the ground gasping for breath, it was all there. “I couldn’t find you. I couldn’t find you,” she sobbed. Tangent: I’m dying to know even more now who Jack’s Alt-Verse Baby Mama is (my No. 1 pick is still Juliet).

Jack. Kate. Chaos. (Photo: ABC)

Jack. Kate. Chaos. (Photo: ABC)

Give Them a Hand
The last few weeks, a lot of people were extending their hands to one another. Jack to Sun. Not-Locke to the candidates. Ghost Michael. The Mystery Jungle Boy. Then we had Charlie, who drowned after an explosion in the Looking Glass station and held up his palm (let’s hear it one more time, kids: ‘Not! Penny’s! Boat!’). Juliet slipped out of Sawyer’s hand and fell down the Swan, which then exploded. Sun and Jin died after a bomb went off in the sub. Their final scene: hands clasped together, they drift apart, drowning. Allegedly.

Crazy Theory: Jin, who has magically survived two previous blasts, mind you, could have maybe just been holding onto Sun until she died, then released her, and maybe next week we’ll see him burst up through the water to the surface! Maybe? No? We don’t know for sure since the shot was artfully framed on just their hands. That would make more sense to me in regard to my Mirrors Theory, because that would be a reversal of the season ender where Sun broke our hearts when she screamed for Jin in the chopper while watching him blow with the freighter.

'Alright, let's go home' (Photo: ABC)

'Alright, let's go home' (Photo: ABC)

Clues or Coincidences?

~Dr. Bernard, who turns out to be Locke’s dentist who treated him three years ago after an accident, is drilling on a mold of someone’s teeth and there are what appear to be three small Egyptian hieroglyphs on the side of it.

~Claire’s music box plays ‘Catch a Falling Star,’ the song Kate sang to Aaron while she was raising him off the island. It was also the tune that played on the baby nursey mobile with the little airplanes on it. Crazy Claire was babbling those same starry lyrics to her fake skeletor bay-bee when she was thrown in the temple pit.

~Jack gets an Apollo bar out of the vending machine at the hospital, but this time it isn’t stuck and doesn’t need ‘a little push’ from Jacob.

~Locke dreams of ‘pushing the button,’ like he did so dutifully back in the day on that other show called The Hatch.

~Both Locke and his father Anthony Cooper are in wheelchairs in the Alt-Verse. In the Other World, they were both strangled to death. Cooper, by Sawyer, on The Brig. Locke, by Ben, in the Westerfield Hotel. Yes, this is like a game of Clue, and no, I have no idea what that means.

*Twist Alert: Locke and his father were paralyzed in the Alt-Verse…due to a plane crash. Only this time, Locke was flying it–he’d had his new pilot license just one week–and something went wrong. It’s because of this tremendous guilt that he refuses spinal surgeon Jack’s help to have the surgery–for which he is the perfect ‘candidate’–that could possibly restore his ability to walk. But as long as his fiancee Helen is okay with it, well then so should Jack. But even Alt-Jack has an insatiable need to be the ‘fixer,’ but is much more likable in his stubbornness for some reason.

~Mirror, Mirror, a New Angle: Half-siblings Jack and Claire see their dual reflections in a music box mirror bequeathed to Claire from their late father Christian Shephard

Sorry, I Don't Really See a Resemblence... (Photo: ABC)

Sorry, I Don't Really See a Resemblence... (Photo: ABC)

Repeated Phrases

“What happened?” – Jack, Locke, Sayid, Kate, Sawyer

“I hope you find what you’re looking for” — Dr. Bernard to Jack.

“He’s coming” — Charles Widmore about Smokey

“Whatever happened, happened” – Jack

“I wish you believed me” — Locke, Jack

Not-Locke Is Da Bomb (Photo: ABC)

Not-Locke Is Da Bomb (Photo: ABC)

Best Moments





~Wait, What? ‘THERE IS NO SAYID!!’ He’s been dead for weeks, but still!!

~The Beach. Hurley. Bursting into tears. Killing. Me. When the optimistic dude–who can talk to dead people, so it’s not like he won’t see them again–starts bawling, you know it’s bad.

~Stealth Sayid taking one for the team, first by shutting down the generators to render the Giant Martini Toothpicks of Pylon useless and setting Smokey loose on the Widdy Bunch; and later, by running off with the bomb, going out in a blaze of glory. Bad-ass-ian to the very end. Well done, Naveen Andrews.

~The Smoke Monster destroying Widmore’s camp: Did anyone see Annoying Zoe Who Needs to Go Away bite it? One can only hope. Nice touch by Jack saying, “I’m with him,” nodding to Smokey the Bandit, upon rescuing the Losties from the cage.

~Crazy Claire gets left behind from the sub by Sawyer who’s quick to close the hatch, and with a glint in his eye, Not-Locke says, “Trust me, you don’t want to be on that sub”

~Jack waking up in a canoe, like a frat boy sleeping off a drunk

~Jack the Super Candidate knocking Not-Locke off the dock, like BLAM!, just as Sawyer asked him to during Secret Guy Talk Time

~Sawyer and Jack back on the same team: “Thanks for coming back for us, doc.” And later, Jack leaves no man behind (wait, except Jin) and rescues an unconscious Sawyer from the sub. Such a cute little bromance, these two!

'Lost' Bad Boys (Photo: ABC)

'Lost' Bad Boys (Photo: ABC)

Best Quotes

“I won’t leave you. I WON’T LEAVE YOU.” – Jin to his wife Sun, as they go down with the sinking ship.

“Because it’s going to be you Jack,” Sayid to Jack before bombs away

“THERE IS NO SAYID!” Jack during the chaos on the sub, post-Boom

“I’ve got the gun,” said the Chubby One. “Not anymore dough boy,” said Sawyer to the Chubby One, as he ripped the gun out of his hands

“At least you didn’t have to paddle,” Sayid to Jack, welcoming him to Hydra Island

“And we’re dead,” Hurley, at the infamous sounds of the arrival of the Smoke Monster

“What makes you think letting go is so easy?” Locke says to Jack in the Alt-Verse hospital. “It’s not,” Jack replies. “I don’t really know how to do it myself. Which is why I was hoping maybe you could go first.”

Not-Locke: Ready to Fly? (Photo: ABC)

Not-Locke: Ready to Fly? (Photo: ABC)

Burning Questions

~Why does Jack refuse to leave the island? Just because he knows it’s not done with him yet?

~Did anyone find the red and blue glowey flashing lights of the sub trauma to be spooky or reminiscent of something significant?

~We didn’t see Lapidus’ body, but come on, he was hammered by that steel door that blew off its hinges (like the blast door map?). Poor Frank. “We aren’t going to Guam, are we?”
P.S. My TV husband Sawyer also took a significant blow to the head. Me = worried.

~Anyone else find it suspicious that Widmore was noticeably absent during all the action? Is there still a war coming? Or was that the war?

~How did the Man in Black know some of the Losties were still alive after the sub sunk?

~How did the Man in Black magically know how to rig a bomb off a wrist-watch, home-made from an explosive discovered on the Ajira jet, with fancy trick timers only Jack Bauer knows how to handle, and do it all in like four minutes???

~What prompted Sayid to come baaaaack from the Dark Side? Was it really as simple as a little well-side chat with Desmond? Is there hope for Crazy Claire? Did it seem incongruent to everything we’d heard about the ‘Infected’ ones?

~Where the hell were Richard, Ben and Miles? They were the mini group that split off to go destroy the Ajira jet; it’s been pointed out that it’s possible they planted the bomb on the plane. Also Note: All three are Others. If that still means anything.

~If Not-Locke can’t kill the candidates, and he has them do themselves in (don’t hold it against Sawyer, my Dear Losties, he didn’t know!) but the pilot is among one of the dead, how is he going to get off the island now? Is he going to fly the Ajira jet himself? Maybe because Alt-Locke had a pilot’s license? Or maybe, is he not really leaving the island at all? Just where is his ‘home’ anyway???

~General consensus: (nearly) everyone on the island will die, and everyone will live on in the Alt-Verse. Yay or nay?

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How do you feel about losing four major characters? Where do you think we go from here?

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