Tim Daly Talks of ‘Private Practice’ Love… and Death

Tim Daly with Kate Walsh, 'Private Practice' (ABC)

Tim Daly with Kate Walsh, 'Private Practice' (ABC)

The gloves came off last week on ABC’s ‘Private Practice‘ (Thursdays at 10/9c) when Oceanside Wellness’ finest testified for or agin Violet sharing custody of Lucas with baby daddy Pete. Tim Daly revealed a look at what’s next for Pete and his “complicated” relationship with Addison, and previews the tragic loss that is about to upend the practice.

Back before the paternity test was done on Violet’s baby, you expressed to me some reservations about Pete turning out to be the father. Did Shonda Rhimes surprise you with the way the story actually played out?
I think [my concern] was that I would get trapped in this mushy area of “super-dad,” but I don’t think Shonda surprised me so much as made me happy that while Pete turned out to be a really great father, they didn’t lose sight of the fact that he’s a guy, a man in the world, which is interesting to play as well. And I know that I’ve said disparaging things about working with children, but I have to say that those babies [playing Lucas], oh my god! They’re the cutest ever. AND the parents are not psychotic, so it all worked out well.

How might Pete retaining sole custody of Lucas affect what he and Addison (played by Kate Walsh) finally have brewing?
I can’t say too much about it, but I like the way their relationship is going. Pete and Addison are really interesting because they have this really adult and complicated relationship. I mean, certainly they’re hot for each other…. And because Addison has bonded so strongly with Lucas, it makes her a strong ally to Pete.

And what about Pete and Violet: Will things still be prickly, or will they exchange olive branches?
I think people will be surprised by how that resolves itself. They do have a resolution that is really kind of beautiful, actually.

I see you and Amy Brenneman going back and forth with each other on Twitter. Do you like having a new playground where you can pull at her pigtails?
I do. [Laughs] I should apologize to all my Twitter fans for being such a provocateur. But I can’t help teasing people. That’s the way that I am, and I hope that nobody takes it too personally.

I think that Twitter “humanizes” actors, and that can only help people connect to a show.
It’s funny, I grew up with actors so I never thought of them as anything but human – sort of horribly, inextricably human. [Laughs] But I’m glad if [tweeting] helps humanize me.

Season Finale Dates Revealed: Mark Your Calendar!

It’s been reported that ‘Private Practice’ will kill off an original character before the season is over. What can you reveal about that death and its impact on the canvas?
It will have a definite impact on the canvas. And I can say with absolute certainty – and you can quote me on this – that it is either a man or a woman. I’m not going to say who it is, but…

Killing off a long-running character is a tricky proposition.
It really is. But I think that this has been in the works for a while, so it will ultimately be good for the show AND good for the person who’s [leaving].

That last time we spoke, you said you wanted “nothing but trouble” for Pete….
And I got it, baby. I got a lot of trouble, I certainly did.

So would you like even more, or should things simmer down next season?
Look, drama is conflict, that’s what it is. So hell yeah, bring it on!

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