Who Does Jenna Morasca Want to See in the Next ‘Survivor’ Fight?

Jeff Probst puts the immunity necklace on Danielle DiLorenzo on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. (CBS)

Jeff Probst puts the immunity necklace on Danielle DiLorenzo on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. (CBS)


We all love a good girl fight every now and then, and Danielle and Amanda delivered a doozy to ‘Surivor: Heroes vs VIllains‘.  When I played ‘Survivor’, I sat back many times and marveled that no one had gotten into a real physical altercation.  With all the backbiting, lies, and lack of food, a fight didn’t sound far off base considering the the strained and fragile emotions.

Well, it finally happened – and let’s break it down.!

Colby, Danielle and Amanda won the “shuffleboard” reward challenge and got to go on a reward.  Usually the rewards consist of cars, waterfalls, and hot tubs. I am not sure if these three drew the short stick or production was taking a nap that day because their reward consisted of watching the movie ‘Treasure Island‘, and having a sleepover.  WHAT ‘Treasure Island?’ Yes we all know this movie is a classic but come on we all know Colby and the girls would much rather watch an advanced screening of Sex and the City 2 than Treasure Island.

Since they were all rather bored watching this “vintage” movie Danielle decided it was time to go on a treasure hunt of her own for the clue to the next hidden immunity idol.  Russell must have taught her well because she found the clue in the popcorn bowl (lucky she did not eat it then the hunt for the clue would have been really interesting).  Danielle decides to sit on it to hide it, now I am not sure about you but the first place I thought of for her to hide the idol was the one with the most room-um her cleavage!

There is no way Amanda would have gone digging in her bikini top for the clue, but then again these players are turning desperate so you never know.  The only thing that would have been true if that happened is that Survivor would of gone from PG to Showtime real fast. I can just hear it now Colby saying, “Amanda I bet Danielle has the clue stuffed in her top, you should go get it”.

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Instead Amanda was onto Danielle and grabbed the clue from her. Then the catfight commenced.  While it was not a drop down drag out fight, it was the first real physical altercation that happened OUTSIDE a challenge.  It just proved how hard everyone is playing and how important the hidden immunity idols are.

In my opinion I am over these hidden immunity idols, they are way too many that have been played and it really takes away from the true skill of playing the game.  If it was up to me there would be no more idols put back into rotation, but I have a feeling that just one more might make it on the scene.

So in honor the Amanda/Danielle showdown I have made a list of the people I would like to see have a verbal show down (some for the second time).

1.) Alicia vs. Kimmi (round 2) – This fight over chickens was so long ago I would love to see how this verbal spar would have evolved over time.

2.) Clarence vs. The Beans – The beans did him in the first time around, who will win round two?

3.) Boston Rob vs. Big Tom – There was never a time I felt more tension than between these two at the All-Stars finale.  I was there sitting with them during the reunion show and you could feel the negative energy between them. Having a chance to see them verbally put this feud to rest would be entertaining to say the least.

4.)   Christy vs. Myself – We all know that there was no love lost between Christy and I on my season.  To put it honestly we were mortal enemies that were constantly keeping each other on our toes.  Everyone thinks it was the fact that Christy had a handicap that made me dislike her but the truth is we were a lot like each other and that is why we butted heads. We were too headstrong “queens” trying to run the castle and there was only room for one.  When it comes to a rematch who knows what would happen.

5.)   Amber vs. Jenna Lewis – These two were good friends before they went and played All Stars and Jenna has made it clear that she would of won in the final two if she would have been chosen.  When Jenna has a second chance, what would happen?

6.)   Shane vs. Anyone (or Courtney) – Shane is so entertaining I would love to see him verbally spar with anyone from any season.  But, Courtney and Shane are both so headstrong with great comebacks I would love to see these two have words.

7.)   Randy vs. Eliza – Oh thinking about these too having a verbal spat makes my head spin.  There is so much eye rolling and witty retort I am not sure the audience could handle it.

What are your pairings?

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