Robert Downey Jr. Suggests Therapy for Jay Leno

Robert Downey Jr. on 'The Tonight Show' (Photo: NBC)

Robert Downey Jr. on 'The Tonight Show' (Photo: NBC)

‘Iron Man’ Robert Downey Jr. did a fly-by on the ‘The Tonight Show‘ Wednesday night and suggested late-night host Jay Leno should do some talking on a couch himself–with a psychiatrist.

After making an impressive entrance with a pretty pack of ‘Iron-ettes,’ the chit chat quickly turned from superhero tough guy talk to … therapy.

It’s inevitable that Downey’s wild past would come up in conversation, but Leno seemed very interested in asking the in-demand actor how he copes these days.

Downey then wondered if Leno was looking for a referral, to which Leno admitted he’s never been to therapy. (That might explain a lot.)

“A lot of my instincts would like to run wild, as you recall, but I keep them in check,” Downey said. “And by the way, therapy helps, you must get into therapy Jay!”

“We should go together!” Leno replied.

And this is why I love Robert Downey Jr.

VIDEO: Watch Robert Downey Jr. and Jay Leno’s Late-Night Therapy Session

On the couch to promote the release of ‘Iron Man 2,’ Downey also revealed what it was like to kiss costar Gwyneth Paltrow, which apparently fans have been waiting for since the first hit film came out. He also admitted the sequel’s new baddie, the eccentric Mickey Rourke, didn’t want to rehearse with him.

Get the scoop in this clip: Kissed by Gwyneth Paltrow, Dissed by Mickey Rourke


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