You Review! Did ‘Modern Family’s Airport Run Take Off?

'Modern Family' (ABC)

'Modern Family' (ABC)

I’m just a boy trying to bring style back to travel.”

Oh, Manny Delgado, rest assured – you bring a special flair to everything, Part 1 of ‘Modern Family‘s Hawaii getaway included.

‘Modern Family’ Heads to Hawaii! (Evil Tikis Not Included)

This week on ABC’s hit freshman comedy, Gloria (meaning Jay) treated her husband’s sprawling slan to a Hawaiian vacation, one that would be filled with daily (!) hikes, whale “washing” and apparently even a live show put on by Claire, Mitchell et al.

Sure ’nuff, the excursion nearly got waylaid before leaving the literal gate, when Phil raced Mitchell home to fetch a forgotten wallet and the aforementioned Manny got detained by an errant No-Fly List red flag.

Julie Bowen Embraces Her ‘Modern Family’ – iPad Fetishists and All

Elsewhere, the Dunphy daughters scouted out a young “tortured artist” seated near them in the waiting area, while Cameron tried to calm down infrequent-flier Claire, who was spooked by, among other things, a ‘Lost’ reference. (Nice reaction shot, Julie Bowen!)

What did you think of ‘Modern Family’s “Airport 2010” episode? What were your favorite lines? And how excited are you to see the Pritchett bunch hit the Aloha State next week?

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