‘American Idol’ Finalists Celebrate Mother’s Day

Crystal Bowersox and Mike Lynch on American Idol (FOX)

Crystal Bowersox and Mike Lynch on American Idol (FOX)

With Mother’s Day this weekend, two of the four remaining ‘American Idol’ contestants will celebrate as parents themselves — Crystal Bowersox and Michael “Big Mike” Lynche.

“When my man and my little man finally showed up [to Hollywood], that’s really nice. I get to be with them a lot more now,” Bowersox, 24, told reporters Friday in Hollywood at an event for ‘American Idol,’ of being with her boyfriend and year-old son Tony. “He hangs out in the VIP room with little Laila. When I come on the TV, I haven’t seen him do it because I am out here, but he says, ‘Mamma, mamma!’ He just knows as soon as I’m on the TV. So, that’s really nice.”

Bowersox says of her son, “I hope he is proud … I hope that he will grow up and look back and be proud to know that his mom did everything she possibly could to make his life better. They will go through that phase of, ‘I hate you,’ and he’ll get older, and we will be friends again. He will be happy.”

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She downplays that she is “Mama Sox” to the other guys in the competition, and insists she is “just like one of the guys” on set. “We hang out and tell gross jokes.”

The other parent in the top four is Lynche, who has a four-month-old daughter Laila with wife Christa. He says he and Bowersox talk parenting — but that his wife makes him whole.

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“When my wife and my baby got off the plane and got to be here, it was the best, for me anyway,” Lynche, 26, says. “I felt really strong. I’m a strong person, and I pride myself on being strong, but I was at full strength when they got here. A piece of me finally got to see what all this is about. That was awesome when they got off the plane, for me.”

Lynche adds about talking kids with Bowersox, “I think we bond right off the bat because of that. You can’t help but look up to somebody who is really trying to do it for their family. One of the craziest things for us is the time juggle and priority juggle. Making spending enough time with the wife, baby, the little guy, and also enough time to rehearse, and we bond and we are a big family here as  well … I think that takes as much brain power as coming out on stage, just juggling it all. Keeping it all in balance.”

‘Idol’ returns after Mother’s Day next week with songs of the cinema and Jamie Foxx as a mentor.

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