‘Party Down’: Will Henry & Casey Get It On Again?

Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott on Party Down (Starz)

Lizzy Caplan and Adam Scott on Party Down (Starz)

She broke his heart. He moved on. But, now Casey Klein (Lizzy Caplan) is back at Party Down catering and Henry Pollard (Adam Scott) is her boss.

Will the duo, who newcomer Megan Mullally calls ‘Party Down”s “secret weapon” find romance again this season? We can tease to you that there is a hot tub scene in episode 5 ‘Steve Guttenberg’s 50th Birthday‘ And, that there might be some level of undress. And, something may or may not happen.

“Blow-jeeb,” joked Caplan to Fancast at a recent Paley Fest event for the show’s season two debut. “For real,” Scott plays along.

Seriously, guys, we know it’s cable, but…

“Maybe we will. Maybe we won’t, but until then, blow-jeeb,” insists Caplan.

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Scott gets a bit more serious about the question. “Henry has set up this life for him, his job girlfriend, apartment, everything seems to be going well and then Casey comes back in to his life and to Party Down and sort of shakes things up a bit. It’s only been six months so I would imagine his heart break is still festering.”

While we might have to watch-to-see what happens with these two lovebirds, Caplan did say she was excited to see her character experience some success in her acting career.

“Later on in the season Casey kind of achieves some modicum of success, and I think everybody has either been there or they’re friends with a person who has had something that’s not really a big deal but gets swept up in it instantly,” she told the audience at the Paley Fest Q&A for ‘Party Down.’ “And I think that is not explored very often in shows like this, not that there are any shows like this.”

Steamy hot tub scenes aside, ‘Party Down’ has some fun parties in store for this season – from the company picnic (with Kristin Bell returning as Scott’s girlfriend) to the finale episode of Constance Carmell (Jane Lynch)’s wedding, which Party Down caters. And, yes, Lynch returns for that episode, which will be directed by Ken Marino (Ron Donald). Oh, and Kyle Bradway (Ryan Hansen)’s band Karma Rocket perform at the wedding, Bradway spilled to us.

“Constance is marrying a Robert Evans type, an old school Hollywood gentleman,” Marino tells us. “His daughter does not approve of the wedding. And, somebody does object.”

Other guests this season include ‘Superbad’s Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Joey Lauren Adams, Rachael Harris, J.J. Simmons, Steve Guttenberg, Kerri Kenney, Paul Scheer, and Jimmi Simpson.

‘Party Down’ airs Friday’s at 10/9c on Starz.

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