‘Idol’ Power Rankings: Top 4

American Idol's Top 4 (FOX)

American Idol's Top 4 (FOX)

We’re down to four singers on ‘American Idol,’ which means we’re just two weeks from the Crystal Bowersox-Lee DeWyze finale.

Until then, we need to try to build up some passion and enthusiasm for what’s left of this fairly miserable season. C’mon, we can power through another couple of weeks, can’t we? Who ever thought watching ‘Idol’ would be akin to eating your vegetables?

Anyway, Aaron Kelly finally went home last night and, as much as I like the kid, it was definitely time — if not a bit beyond it. He had a good run, and there’s still a chance of some kind of adorable pairing with him and Tim Urban on an ABC Family original series. Right?

As you might guess, with fewer folks left in the competition, and such a clear pair of front-runners, there weren’t huge changes in this week’s power rankings, but there is a bit of a shake-up in the bottom half? Let’s check it out:

The Top 4

1. Crystal Bowersox (Last week: #1): I have to say that I’ve appreciated the subtlety Crystal has brought to her performances the last two weeks, even if the judges have given her a little bit of flack about it. They don’t tend to do well with subtlety, anyway. Crystal is still clearly the front-runner in this whole race, even if she isn’t the hands-down leader every week. On the whole — and, yes, these rankings take into account the entire season to date, not just the most recent week — no one has matched Crystal in terms of consistency, talent and originality.

2. Lee DeWyze (Last week: #2): Viewers who didn’t already like Lee weren’t paying much attention to him until a few weeks ago. Suddenly, there’s a growing contingent of Lee haters, which can only mean that he’s become a legitimate contender. It took me a while to get what Lee was all about. Early on, he seemed a bit smug, but over the weeks the opposite became true. He’s a humble guy, a shy guy, and that makes him likable. I never did — and still don’t — understand the judges’ fascination with his voice. It isn’t fantastic, but Lee’s charm is in his humility and he’s picking all the right songs that work within his range.

American Idol Says Farewell To The Kid

3. “Big” Mike Lynche (Last week: #4 – tie): Last week, I went on a bit of a Casey and Mike rampage, saying you could basically flip a coin between them. This week changed that. I’m still not crazy about Mike’s “I’ve got this” attitude, but his voice is good and he made a nice choice this week. He certainly seems more comfortable than his main counterpart on stage, and that goes a long way. It’s when he starts to appear to be too comfortable that the trouble starts. But he’s a good guy and his long, supportive hug of Aaron at Wednesday’s elimination went a long way toward showing a gracious side.

4. Casey James (Last week: #4 – tie): OK, I was wrong. I’ll admit it. And I apologize. For weeks, I’ve been ranting about how Casey needs to put down the guitar and use the stage. After the catastrophe that happened on Tuesday night, I take it all back. Please, Casey, if you’re reading this: Glue a guitar to your hands and never put it down. I’ve rarely seen anyone look less comfortable on stage. Even during his chat with Ryan Seacrest after his performance, Casey didn’t know what to do with his hands and simply crossed his arms. I thought Casey was a rocker — a la, Bo Bice. But he isn’t. He’s just a guitarist with a half-decent voice, and that came across distractingly loud and clear this week.

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