‘Chuck’ Preview: A Sexy Blast From The Past!

Julia Ling returns to 'Chuck' (NBC)

Julia Ling returns to 'Chuck' (NBC)

Where in the world was Anna Wu? NBC’s ‘Chuck‘ answers that question this Monday at 8/7c, when Julia Ling reprises her role of Morgan’s former Buy More love interest. (When last we saw the sassy clerk, she had abandoned the Beard to pursue a new life and love in Hawaii.) Ling shared a look at how Morgan’s own new secret agent secret just might rock Anna’s world.

Julia, it’s so good to have you back! So where has Anna been, what has she been up to…?
Anna’s been in Hawaii, doing inappropriate things with the Benihana chef which shall not be discussed. [Laughs]

Does she still possess her unique sense of style?
She’s got this sexy tan going, so she comes back with that – a really awesome tan.

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Is Morgan chilly to her? And if so, is he a fast thaw?
She’s been gone for a while and so much has changed, she’s coming back to a big surprise. She has no clue what’s in store for her, so it’s going to be really fun.

Part of Morgan must be dying to tell Anna he’s now a newbie spy….
I know, right?! He’s such a different person – but Anna doesn’t know that yet.

Julia Ling and Joshua Gomez, 'Chuck' (NBC)

Julia Ling and Joshua Gomez, 'Chuck' (NBC)

Is this the episode where we learn that Anna has always been a sleeper enemy agent? You and I talked about that possibility before.
I think we’re still trying to figure that one out. I think she is!

Supposing they did go that route, what mad skills could you bring to the table? Any kickboxing classes in your past?
Well, I’ve done pole dancing, so I’ve always wanted to do this scene where she was dancing in a sultry way and then the pole becomes a weapon or something.

Should we be wondering why you have pole-dancing skills?
No, no, we shouldn’t.

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Will Anna’s return offer Morgan some closure over that abrupt break-up?
In a way, both Anna and Morgan get better closure – but that only leaves room for them wanting more. What happens is really awesome.

Have you personally missed hanging out with the Buy More crew?
I have. When I [returned], it was a myriad emotions, happy and sad. In a way it was like I was never gone, but at the same time it was melancholy, because everyone on the show is so much fun.

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Since leaving, have you ever walked into an electronics store, gotten a whiff of that “special” air, and been whisked back to the ‘Chuck’ set?
Pretty much everything I do takes me back. I went to both of the Street Fighter [videogame] launch parties, and I’ve been playing a lot of Call Of Duty and Guitar Hero, and that reminded me of playing Rock Band with Zach [Levi] and everybody.

What have you been up to since ‘Chuck’?
I have a movie coming out this fall called ‘High School,’ which placed in the Top 25 at Sundance and stars Adrien Brody (‘The Pianist’) and Michael Chiklis (‘The Shield’). It’s about stoners at a school where everybody gets high. I’ve also got a movie coming out called ‘Dynamite Swine,’ and I play an assassin in that. Now that was a lot of fun!

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