Dr. Drew Praises Palin’s Parenting

Dr. Drew and Bristol Palin (Photo: WENN)

Dr. Drew and Bristol Palin (Photo: WENN)

After attending a star-studded charity fundraiser hosted by the Candies Foundation to raise awareness about the consequences of teen pregnancy, Dr. Drew Pinsky had nothing but praise for Bristol Palin and the parenting of her mother Sarah.


Dr. Drew is heavily involved with the MTV series ‘Teen Mom‘ and Bristol is a teen mom who has made headlines with her high-profile child support battle with Levi Johnston. And despite the controversy that surrounds Bristol and the former vice presidential candidate, Dr. Drew sees a lot of positives.

“Bristol was fantastic. She is clearly a mother. Her parents (Sarah and Todd Palin), have handled it just right,” Dr. Drew told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

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“Take the Palins’ politics out of it — they have done a remarkable job with Bristol. She is very poised and clear on who she is. She doesn’t apologize for who she is.

“Bristol is taking a sub-optimal situation and reaching out to her peers and trying to educate them about teen pregnancy.”

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The statistics associated with teen pregnancy are drastically negative. “Less than 2% of teen moms ever finish college, and 80% of the dad’s take off,” Dr. Drew said. “Every day 2000 teenagers become pregnant. We need to do better, and Bristol has been working with The Candies Foundation to help get the word out and educating and empowering young women to not become a statistic.

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The Wednesday fundraiser netted $1.5 million dollars according to Dr. Drew, and he was impressed that celebs such as Jay-Z attended and supported the cause.

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The panel of teen moms revealed a sad common thread, Dr. Drew said. “What all the teen moms had in common was what they described as ‘douche bag’ boyfriends/dads that took off and they were left with the baby to raise.”


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