‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Cyndi Lauper’s Over the Backstabbing

Cyndi Lauper, fired from 'Celeb Apprentice,' is already planning her reality TV comeback.  (NBC)

Cyndi Lauper, fired from 'Celeb Apprentice,' is already planning her reality TV comeback. (NBC)

Cyndi Lauper’s always entertaining creative mind won’t be on ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘ any more, but she will soon be back on the small screen.

The iconic ’80s pop singer, who’s been working on a new album, Memphis Blues, has another TV project in the works, a reality show with Mark Burnett Productions. She says it’s “definitely” a go even though the show still doesn’t have an air date yet.

“We’re just in the beginning of it,” Lauper explained. “The reason I heard about the ‘Apprentice’ thing was because I actually signed with Mark Brunett to do a reality show.”

Although she was fired from ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ on which she had some rough moments, she doesn’t have any regrets.

“It was a good experience,” she said. “I had fun.”

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Except for the constant drama with Holly Robinson Peete. That irritated her.

“The show got a little two-sidey, too backstabby, talk behind your back all the time,” she said. “That was hard for me to deal with…people constantly talking behind my back like that and not talking to me.”

She was especially irked when Peete said she didn’t fight hard enough for her charity, the True Colors Fund, which supports gay and lesbian civil rights.

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“That was weird,” she said. “That kind of angered me. She’d say anything. Whatever. I can’t judge her.” Asked why she didn’t defend herself more in the boardroom, Lauper said it wasn’t her style to go “tit for tat.” “I just can’t,” she said. “That’s not who I am. That’s going to bite her in the butt in the end.”

Who will win? “I think Bret is a very good contender to win,” she said. “Bret kind of lives what’s going on with him.” Although she hasn’t spoken to Michaels since his illness, Lauper said his “determination is pretty great.”

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