‘Dancing with the Stars’ Nicole Scherzinger: 10! 10! 10!

Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger of 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger of 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

It was double trouble on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ as the remaining five couples hit the dance floor for not one, but two, dances: ballroom and era-themed Latin night.

We thought nothing would beat the perfect score of 30 by Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya from last week, but we were wrong. Monday night, Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough got her triple 10’s, taking in the second perfect score of the season for their im-paso-ible ’50s themed Paso Doble, which Carrie Ann Inaba called “brilliant,” Bruno Tonioli dubbed “full of color,” and Len Goodman found nothing to criticize. Well played, Nicole and Derek. Well played.

Earlier in the night, Nicole and Derek wowed viewers with a Foxtrot that truly made our heart skip a beat a bit. The dance scored a 29, with Bruno calling it “pure dancing joy” and Len proclaiming it “irresistible.” This pair can do no wrong.

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At this point, it really seems as if this is Nicole and Derek’s competition to lose, with Evan and Anna and Erin and Maks tying for second place in our humble opinion. But between the dueling dancers, we think Erin and Maks out-danced Evan and Anna this week with their Argentine Tango that had Len calling the ESPN star a “dirty, dirty girl” and Carrie Ann saying “that was just so hot! It was fantastic. It was truly beautiful.” Bruno added, “I never knew you could be so bendy…You were on fire!”

The pair scored a 28 for that dance, but only a 25 for their ’80s era Rumba. “The whole thing was jerky. You got like a jerky action,” said Len to a booing audience. Bruno said he thinks they should be in the finals. Erin’s legwarmers? Totally awesome!

As for Evan and Anna’s Waltz, it took in three less points than last week’s dance for a score of 27. “I’m not sure if I liked it or not,” said Len. Was it the most romantic thing that’s ever been on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ like Anna wished? Not quite, but rolling around on the floor like they did was H-O-T! Hot!

The pair’s futuristic Cha-Cha to La Roux’s “Bulletproof” was super cool to us but scored just one point lower with a 26. Loved seeing Evan geek out with that robot voice! Sure, he’s been criticized for lacking emotion all season and playing an android was a no-brainer, but we loved it nonetheless. “It’s Mr. Spock meets Barbarella in Cha-Cha-Trek, the next generation,” gushed Bruno. Carrie Ann praised his commitment to the character.

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With these three pairs dancing in a league of their own, that means Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel and Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke are getting further away from taking that mirror ball trophy home. Niecy and Louis’s Viennese Waltz to the corny “I Got You Babe” just didn’t do it for us. The judges, however, gave it a 23 with mixed reviews: “At times you were swinging your arm. You looked like you were chased by a swarm of wasps,” said Bruno. “Too much push and pull,” complained Carrie Ann. But resident meanie Len actually sort of dug it. “I’m pleasantly surprised.” We’re surprised that you’re surprised.

Niecy and Louis hit rock bottom, however, with their ’90s era Paso Doble that earned the lowest score of the night with a 20. Bruno said it “was a bit like an avalanche.” “It felt like bumper cars,” said Carrie Ann. Funny digs, but, ouch!

Chad and Cheryl’s Tango fared the second worst of the with a score of 21. First, we didn’t like the way he jumped up and down before he took his partner’s hand for the sexy dance. Do that before you enter the field, not before you hit the dancefloor! Second, how did he all of a sudden become so stiff? It was painful to watch. “It has to be slicker,” said Bruno. “Your posture in this one was still just funky,” said Carrie Ann.

But the steamy pair made up for it a bit with their ’60s jive, which took in a 24. “It was fun. It was entertaining,” said Len. Still not good enough to be considered true contenders this season, though.

Leaderboard Totals:
Nicole and Derek: 59
Evan and Anna: 53
Erin and Maks: 53
Chad and Cheryl: 45
Niecy and Louis: 43

Hey! Who are you voting for? Do you think Nicole and Derek have this one in the bag? Discuss amongst yourselves in the comments.

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