‘The Celebrity Apprentice:’ An Angry Cyndi Lauper Exits

Cyndi Lauper of 'The Celebrity Apprentice'

Cyndi Lauper of 'The Celebrity Apprentice'

Sunday night’s episode of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice‘ started out with a bang and ended with a bigger bang, as singer Cyndi Lauper found herself booted from the boardroom in a somewhat controversial decision by The Donald.

First, Donald Trump puts Curtis Stone on Team Tenacity with Sharon Osbourne and Maria Kanellis for the sole reason that the ladies were quite outspoken last week about how much they dislike the chef. Trump = evil genius.

Then, Donald Trump, Jr. makes a fab faux pas by forgetting the name of the company judging the challenge. Uh, Don, it’s BridgeStreet Worldwide. Loved that the powers-that-be at NBC didn’t edit out that mistake. But, hey, it’s all in the editing and it made for a great kickoff to a great episode.


Before we get to the boardroom battle that sent a very pissed off Cyndi Lauper packing, here are some of the highlights:

The Task
Paint and redecorate an apartment and include one “celebrity” room. The teams were judged on originality, celebrity style, staging and quality of renovation. Holly Robinson Peete was the project manager for Team Tenacity, working with Bret Michaels and Cyndi Lauper. They go for a New York-Balinese-Zen theme. RockSolid had Sharon Osbourne as PM working with Curtis Stone and Maria Kanellis, creating a modern and clean vibe. BridgeStreet, a corporate housing service, and interior designer Jonathan Adler served as judges.

CLIP: The Donald Shakes-Up the Teams

The Top Disses
“She’s a control freak and she’s a two-faced beeyatch,” Cyndi on Holly’s “m.o.”

“She’s got truck stop taste,” Sharon on Maria’s lack of style

“Shopping with Cyndi was like shopping with one of my children… Cyndi was sort of like a gnat on a swamp in that place,” Holly on Cyndi’s apparent A.D.D. in the prop store

“There’s nothing celebrity-room-ish about it,” Jonathan Adler on Team RockSolid’s colorful non-celebrity media room (we couldn’t agree more!)

The Hero Moment
Bret flying down (and back up) 18 flights of stairs to pick up photos for the walls because the elevator was out. The rocker had quite the ‘Spinal Tap’ moment when the 7- and 8-foot-high black and white photos of the New York skyline came in at about half the size, forcing him to reorder and receive them at the eleventh hour. His photos rocked, and once again, so did he.

The Drama
Did Cyndi show her true colors when her nasty side came out to some of the worker bees? Bret and Holly think so. In an uncomfortable scene where Cyndi snaps at the helpers over a missing ottoman, nice guy Bret has to scold her, saying, “Relax, don’t yell at people.” As she continued barking (“Stop! No! Leave it on the floor,” she said to one helper), Holly jumped in to try to calm her down. “Cyndi, please don’t talk disrespectfully to these people who are working their asses off for us. Please!” Drama aside, she nailed her “rock and roll Zen den” for their dedicated “celebrity room.” The judges called it “fun, bold and original.”

The Boardroom
Shockingly, Holly initially defended Cyndi in the boardroom, saying she loved her celebrity room. Didn’t expect that. We also didn’t expect Sharon and Maria to shower Curtis with love in the boardroom after last week’s vicious verbal assault on him. “He’s going to marry one of my daughters, cook for me at Christmas,” joked Sharon about the chef. “I’m a big mouth old bat,” she explained about last week’s “bad behavior” toward him.

CLIP: Sharon’s Cellphone Espionage

Personalities aside, Team RockSolid’s apartment won, much to our surprise. We thought the apartment lacked a theme, originality and creativity. But the judges thought Team Tenacity’s room was more tacky than Zen (sans Cyndi’s stellar room) and deemed them the losers of the task.

Holly soon threw Cyndi under the bus for being “bossy.” “She was more than bossy. She was disrespectful to people,” said Holly referring to a previous task that Cyndi project managed. Cyndi said that Trump should fire Holly because “She’s tough to work with. She’s always doing all of it.” Back to Holly: “Cyndi is like so difficult to direct and redirect. She has this unbelievable creative mind, but it’s all over the place.”

CLIP: Holly Loses Cyndi

The fireworks heated up between Holly and Cyndi, who each wanted the other fired. “I gave her the idea for the room,” defended Holly. “Oh bullshit!” said Cyndi, as Bret kept relatively mum to let the ladies hash it out.

And then, in another surprise turn, Trump seemed to turn on Bret for not doing as much during the task and for not speaking up in the boardroom. “Bret, let me ask you this. Do you have the same energy that these two have?” Trump asked the rocker. “I feel I have just as much energy. I feel that my place sometimes when they are having this discussion is not for me to butt in,” he said. Trump disagreed: “But it is. I’ll ask you a question, ‘Who should I fire?’ and you say, ‘Oh, I love Holly so much. I love Cyndi so much. They’re so great. They’re so wonderful.’ It’s like… WHO SHOULD I FIRE?”

“Cyndi,” Bret finally answered, pointing out Cyndi’s poor time-management skills.

In the end, Trump agreed and fired Cyndi for having admitted that it was Holly’s idea to paint the celebrity room red.

The Parting Words
“Cyndi, I don’t want to leave like this,” said Bret as Cyndi headed to the elevator

“It’s like high school, Bret. It’s like f*@#king high school,” she said, clearly angry, calling him out on his time-management comment

“I do not think Donald made the right decision. It was Holly’s apartment they didn’t like, not my room. I think Holly talks out of both sides of her mouth” said Cyndi in her car ride home

Next Week
Joan Rivers and Bill Rancic guest star and three people will be fired. Can’t wait…

Do you think Cyndi was being too rude? Did she deserve to go home? Hit the comments!

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