Weatherly Gone Wild! Who On ‘NCIS’ Likes The Kink?

Michael Weatherly with Cote de Pablo, 'NCIS' (CBS)

Michael Weatherly with Cote de Pablo, 'NCIS' (CBS)

NCIS‘ star Michael Weatherly can talk, and that’s a glorious thing. No sooner does our interview start than he’s the one asking the questions, delving into the origin of my last name. Once it’s established that I am of Slavic decent – as is his wife, Bojana Jankovic – he offers to set me up with one of her pretty Serbian friends. So with that alone, this Q&A already is kicking’s ass.

Ultimately we got to talking about CBS’ top-rated procedural (airing Tuesdays at 8/7c), its recent Tony-centric outing, and the myriad dismemberments coming the team’s way. Weatherly also shared his informed take on which of DiNozzo’s colleagues just might be into “the kink.”

Last week’s episode, “Obsession,” seemed largely standalone, but parts of it must inform the remainder of the season, right?
Yes, I think the stuff with everyone’s favorite attorney, M. Allison Hart (played by Rena Sofer), is going in that direction. And I think that tonally the idea of being obsessed may be even something that bubbles up again. Yeah, those are weird [episodes] for me, I never feel I do those very well. But then people tell me to shut up and not be so self-deprecating.

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Do you like it when Tony takes a shine to the occasional cable news reporter or barista, and isn’t so dead-set on Ziva (Cote De Pablo)?
Absolutely. I just like it when he’s not dead-set on anyone. He becomes vastly more uninteresting when he’s got one girl in his eye. I hadn’t even planned on watching myself in that episode, I get very self conscious. I can watch myself doing over-the-top comedy with no problem at all. But if I try a serious expression on my face… I just don’t like it.

What is Tony up to this week while McGee (Sean Murray) and Abby (Pauley Perrette) are in Mexico?
Everyone on the show goes to Mexico at some point, except Ducky and Vance. And we find a lot of feet. It’s a little disturbing that way. A lot of people losing hands, feet…. There is much dismemberment going on. I don’t know, did CBS did this as some sort of veiled threat to the actors [currently in contract talks]? [Laughs]

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The attraction between McGee and Abby seems to be gaining some traction. Do you worry that “McAbby” will steal “Tiva”s thunder?
McAbby – is that what it is? Of course I am very proud of McGee for any exploits that he undertakes.

Tony has been an excellent wingman of sorts.
And yet McGee didn’t quite get it together with lie detector girl [from the October episode “Inside Man”]. Tony’s thinking was, “That could be an interesting tryst, going out with a lie detector girl. She seems to enjoy hooking people up to things….” It seems like there was some light S&M bondage thing she was taunting McGee with. You know what – maybe McGee likes the kink? We know that he has a tattoo, Abby has the tattoo on her neck and all that….

But if he did lean that way, you’d think he’d have played that card with Abby by now.
I believe that McGee has slept in the coffin before.

Will we ever get double-secret confirmation of what exactly Tony and Ziva’s bed accommodations were in Paris?
Yes, and I don’t think there was a bed. If anything happened, it might have been in an elevator, or on a secluded side street. No, I have no idea what happened. That all lives in the minds of our writers.

Coming this week in The Big Tease: Weatherly previews the “devastating” ‘NCIS’ season finale!

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