‘Jersey Shore’ Cast to be Replaced?

Snooki Gets Schnockered? (Photo: Bauer Griffin)

Snooki Gets Schnockered? (Photo: Bauer Griffin)

We may have a new ‘GTL’ crew hitting up ‘Jersey Shore‘ when the MTV hit returns this summer for mayhem in Miami.

Snooki, The Situation, Jwoww, Pauly D, Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart may be replaced with an all new cast of fist-pumping party animals for Season 3, according to an interview with the show’s casting director Doron Ofir in Blackblook magazine.

In a contradictory report, EW claims the new faces will appear in the second half of this upcoming season and will appear in addition to the original cast of guidos and guidettes, not instead of them.

These mixed reports about the show’s casting make me wonder if the people in charge are communicating through Snooki and her Duck Phone. Or are they enlisting new recruits as back-up in case their raunchy reality stars–who have a knack for knocking people out–are unable to film if they end up behind bars (jail bars, not martini bars).

Snooki Gets into Food Fight at the Clubs

As previously reported, ‘Jersey’ headed to Miami to film Season 2 but pretty much got kicked out of the state. Not too many places in the South Beach bar scene wanted the show to film there because the brawlin’ bunch is a liability. MTV plans to film the second half of Season 2 back in Seaside Heights, N.J., beginning in July.

After the surprise success of the first ‘Shore’ season, the young stars decided to capitalize on the hype by holding out for a pay increase, eventually signing a deal for a $10,000 signing bonus and $5,000 per episode, reports TMZ. But MTV may not be willing to negotiate come next season, hence the replacements.

‘Jersey Shore’ Season 2 Looking Like a Sleazefest

Not all of the cast members would be crushed if the line-up changes though. According to Us Weekly, JWoww is over it. “She doesn’t want to be on the show anymore,” a source tells the magazine. “She isn’t friends with them.”

Take that ‘source’ with a grain of margarita salt, however, because just last week, Snooki and JWoww were seen shaking their moraccas together while celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Miami Beach. And what would a night at the clubs be without a fight?

Later that night, Snooki punched out some girl while hanging out in the VIP section of the Miami bar Ocean’s 10. “This blonde girl kept trying to get in and Snooki got really mad,” a witness tells Radaronline. “That’s when the fight broke out and Jenni jumped in and took the girl down.”

“Snooki just started swinging at the girl and then grabbed her neck,” added another onlooker. “Snooki just kept calling her a wh–e.”

‘The VIP section’ takes on a whole new meaning now.

Season 2 of ‘Jersey Shore’ premieres on July 29 on MTV.

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