On Demand This Week: Avatar, Edge of Darkness, Daybreakers, Tooth Fairy

Comcast On Demand today premieres three new films to dial up and enjoy. There’s Mel Gibson’s first leading role in a long while in Edge of Darkness, as well as the kid-movie spoof on mythical nighttime visitors The Tooth Fairy, leading into very different mythical creatures in the vampire flick Daybreakers. Over the weekend, of course, the insane blockbuster Avatar premiered as well. Take a closer look at each one below (as if anyone in the world needs a closer look at Avatar.)

Titanic director James Cameron triumphantly returned after a decade of work on this groundbreaking visual effects spectacle. Sam Worthington stars as Jake Scully, a disabled ex-Marine assigned to the alien planet Pandora to try and infiltrate the giant blue native tribes in order to convince them to relocate their society away from where the single-minded strip-miners want to excavate the precious deposits of “unobtainium.” Of course, they don’t actually care about diplomacy, so when Jake goes native, full-scale war erupts.

Watch more clips from Avatar.

The Tooth Fairy
Dwayne Johnson stars as a ruthless minor-league hockey player who earned the nickname “Tooth Fairy” by busting up opposing players’ orthodonture, and his hobby is crushing the hopes and dreams of wide-eyed children thanks to his own bitterness about his career. When he does it to his girlfriend Ashley Judd’s son, he’s sentenced to serve time as a real-live tooth fairy, under the iron thumb of head fairy Julie Andrews.

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Edge of Darkness
Mel Gibson’s stars as Boston homicide detective Thomas Craven, whose daughter is killed in front of his home. He assumes he’s the target, but as his investigation deepens, he begins to uncover her secret life and a dense conspiracy as well as his own burning need for justice.

Watch more clips from Edge of Darkness.

Ethan Hawke stars as a scientist in a world dominated by vampires who is trying to solve his people’s food crisis without harming any of the few remaining humans in the world. That is, until Willem Dafoe shows up and shows him that there’s a much different way out of their predicament – a way that evil corporate vampire Sam Neill is out to stop.

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