‘Transformers 3’ Begins Production, But ‘Racist’ Robots Won’t Return

The third installment in the Transformers saga has begun production, as tweeted by new cast member Kym Whitley, but if you’re hoping everybody from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen will be back, you’ll be disappointed. The ‘Twins’ – aka Skids and Mudflap, aka the ignorant and illiterate Autobots that many audience members found insulting as borderline racist caricatures – will not be back in Transformers 3, which is something director Michael Bay has personally confirmed on his own message boards.

Transformers star Tyrese Gibson last year defended the characters by saying “I think they covered all spectrums. You got Jews in there, you’ve got Christians, you’ve got Muslims, you’ve got Buddhists, you’ve got folks from overseas in London, you’ve got Asians. Everybody needs something or someone to identify with. You know, ghetto is ghetto. Saying quirky things that are funny and some things that are just cheesy as ever – somebody’s gonna laugh at something. It’s nothing to overthink about. People are gonna come in and try to pick everything apart. ‘Oh, that wasn’t cool, the Secretary of Defense being thrown out of a plane – does that mean he’s slamming on Barack Obama?’ Come on, it’s not that serious. It’s a summer movie, it’s imagination, it’s fun. It’s supposed to make you laugh. You’re supposed to take your kids out and buy them some toys and be considered a good daddy. That’s just it.”

Do you agree with Gibson that these are just goofy, fun characters, or is it ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’ for you?

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