Deep Soap: ‘Days’ Stars Talk Kidnapping Saga

Galen Gering and Leann Hunley on Days of Our Lives (NBC)

Galen Gering and Leann Hunley on Days of Our Lives (NBC)

Lately, ‘Days of Our Lives’ Rafe (Galen Gering) actually seems like he is intelligent enough to have been hired by the FBI. His decision to send Calliope (Arleen Sorkin) to get Anna (Leann Hunley) to reveal who her accomplice was in Sydney’s kidnapping is clever. I spoke to both the kidnapper and the investigator at a recent ‘Days’ press event in Pasadena.

I Think Galen Gering And Lindsay Hartley Were Referring to Nicole Planning Arianna’s Attack

Is Rafe ever going to be able to bust E.J. for the kidnapping?
Gering: Of course.  The bigger they come, the harder they fall so he’s in store for something.

Is Rafe ever going to get back together with Sami?
Gering: I would say yeah.  He loves Sami (Alison Sweeney).  Ultimately he would love to be back with her.  I don’t think that he realizes what may be in her heart, maybe the wrong thing as far as falling for E.J’s (James Scott) games and tricks, but he is a manipulative guy so what are you going to do?  I forsee that Rafe gets Sami back and she’ll be with the man that she deserves to be with.

Why is Rafe the right guy for Sami?
Gering: I don’t know that he is the right guy for Sami. But I don’t think E.J. is. I think she deserves to be with someone better than that. I hope that Rafe and Sami get to be together because clearly he cares for her but I don’t know if they’re meant to be together.  That’s one of the questions that they propose to one another, actually.  As much as they do love each other, maybe it’s not right.

Rafe has a teenage sister now, Gabi.  What do you think of the expansion of the Hernandez family?
Gering: It’s funny because she’s a little spitfire. She fits right in.  It’s just nice to have a family on a show like this. Being an actor, it’s always a great sign.

What’s coming up for Rafe this summer?
Gering: Right now he’s investigating what he’s been investigating which is basically I know one of the people who is responsible for kidnapping Sydney but I really want to know who the ringleader is.  Hopefully he’ll be able to solve this mystery and when he does that clearly a lot will unravel so as Sami and E.J. become closer and Rafe becomes more dedicated to going down the road to find the truth, I think it will be really interesting what ultimately will happen.  It’s going to be a bombshell.

Is Rafe going to help crack the other big case in Salem, Hope’s sleeping pill induced attacks on men?
Gering: Yeah. That actually will involve him directly so hopefully that will also become a puzzle that he’ll be able to put the pieces together and solve.

How will it involve Rafe?
Gering: It will involve him and his family.  With Rafe, anything that involves his family involves him.

[Lindsay Hartley (Arianna) joins him]

Hartley: Basically, the same thing that happens to Rafe happens to Adrianna at the exact same time.  It’s interesting.  We have parallel universes going on.

Give me more of a hint.  Does it have anything to do with Nicole?
Gering: Yes.

Hartley: For you too?

Gering: Yes.

Hartley: Really? I didn’t know that.

Okay, now I’m going to go insane trying to figure out what you mean.
Galen: It gets weird. It’s good.

Hartley: Keep watching.

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Leann Hunley: Frances Reid Was A Ballsy Gal

What’s going to happen to Anna this summer? Will she stay on the lam?
Hunley: The one thing about Anna which I think has been true for all of her character’s existence is that she’s fun to watch get into trouble and how will she get out of trouble.

When you found out Anna would be kidnapping Sydney, did you know she was working with E.J.?
Hunley: I didn’t know because I came back for just a few episodes to start with.  People would say, “Is it Stefano?”(Joseph Mascalo) I’d say, “I don’t know.”  I really am glad they didn’t tell me because I have trouble lying so it’s really hard for me not to say what was going on.  I appreciated that they didn’t trust me and they didn’t tell me anything.

How does Anna rationalize what she did?
Hunley: She knows that it’s her niece and she’s doing it for the father of the child.  It’s not like the child hasn’t already grown up with him.  She just feels that she’s doing it for the right reasons.  That’s how I had to approach it.  It wasn’t just about the money.  She did it for E.J. and ultimately for Tony and to stick it to Sami.

What does Days of Our Lives turning 45 mean to you?
Hunley: I feel actually kind of emotional about that.  I feel very honored to be a part of something that has been this sturdy and this honored. I just feel grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of this family and to work with all these people that I work with.

Is Anna going to attend Alice Horton’s memorial?
Hunley: No.  It would make sense [though] because when I first came to town 25 years ago I had to stay at the Horton house. Mrs. Horton had me stay with them because I was homeless and I was Roman’s wife and he was about to marry Marlena and I showed up unannounced which put a crimp in their marriage plans. But I’m on the run.

What are your memories of Frances Reid?
Hunley: She was such an authentic person because she wasn’t Grandma Horton.  That was an act.  She was a ballsy broad.  She was great.  It was great to know her and be just a little bit in the aura of her life.

You started the trend of all the great Days actors from the 80s returning.  Have you had a chance to talk to Charles Shaughnessy?
Hunley: I saw him briefly when I came in and I said,”Do I get to work with him?” They said no.  I was hoping that I could.  But back in the day I never worked with him. I worked with him on The Nanny.

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