Deep Soap: Daytime Emmy Nominations Announced

Lisa LoCicero and Brandon Barash on General Hospital (ABC)

Lisa LoCicero and Brandon Barash on General Hospital (ABC)

It’s the most exciting soap day of the year! The nominees for the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys were announced this morning.   The complete list of nominees can be found here.   The biggest winner: General Hospital with18 nominations.  The biggest snubs, in my opinion: Days of Our Lives and One Life To Live not getting nominated for Outstanding Show or Writing. Not coincidentally, the most undeserved nominations by far: All My Children for Outstanding Show and Writing. As always, getting nominated is all about picking an episode that will impress voters who are unfamiliar with the show, not having an overall great body of work.  This process will always result in some frustrating nominations.

Vying for Outstanding Daytime Drama are General Hospital, The Young & The Restless, last year’s winner The Bold & The Beautiful and the worst show of 2009, All My Children.   According to the Academy, the best written daytime shows were All My Children, The Bold & The Beautiful, As The World Turns,  and The Young & The Restless.  Only writers vote in the writing category, while the entire Academy votes for Outstanding show.  The different voting pools as well as what were in some cases different nomination reels accounts for the different nominees in what should be closely linked categories.

That said, the acting nominees were solid this year.  While some of my personal favorites did not make the cut, there were very few head scratchers.  I was pleased to see so many Guiding Light actors selected for their work in the show’s final year.  Another mini-trend is nominated actors who are no longer on their shows. There could be some interesting acceptance speeches this year.

In the Leading Actress category, the nominees are: CRYSTAL CHAPPELL, (OLIVIA, GL) MICHELLE STAFFORD,(Phyllis, Y&R), MAURA WEST, (CARLY, ATWT) and SARAH BROWN, (CLAUDIA,GH) and BOBBIE EAKES (Krystal, AMC).  These are all worthy nominees who have been tothis rodeo before.  With Chappell now starring on DOOL and Brown on B&B, they may have gotten some extra votes from their new co-stars.

The nominees for LeadActor are PETER BERGMAN, (Jack, Y&R), JON LINDSTROM, (Craig ATWT), MICHAEL PARK, (Jack, ATWT) DOUG DAVIDSON, (Paul, Y&R), and JAMES SCOTT,(E.J., DOOL).  It is always tough for a new actor to break in to this category. I am thrilled that Scott made the cut. He truly was a leading man this past year, and it’s nice to see someone under 40 get acknowledged. Lindstrom is a surprise.  He is a great actor, but he was one of ATWT’s numerous jarring recasts.

Supporting Actress is a strong category this year.  The nominess are: BETH CHAMBERLIN, (Beth, GL), JULIE PINSON, (Janet ATWT), CAROLYN HENNESY, (Diane, GH), ARIANNE ZUCKER, (Nicole, DOOL), BREE WILLIAMSON (Jessica,OLTL).  Chamberlain and Hennesy are actresses who actually play supporting roles, which is refreshing.  The others carried major storylines this year.  The line between leading and supporting is so nebulous in daytime.

The supporting actor nominees are BILLY MILLER (Billy, Y&R), BRADFORD ANDERSON, (SPINELLI, GH), JONATHAN JACKSON, (Lucky, GH), RICKY PAULL GOLDIN, (JAKE, AMC) and BRIAN KERWIN,(Charlie OLTL).  This is going to be a tough category to predict.  Yeah, Jackson was only on for the final two months of the year, but he really is that good.  I have a soft spot forKerwin’s understaed naturalism.  But anyone of these men could take it.

The younger actres category is the weakest link.  The nominees are CHRISTEL KHALIL, (Lily, Y&R), MARNIE SCHULENBURG, (Alison, ATWT), MOLLY BURNETT, (MELANIE, DOOL)  SHELLEY HENNIG, (STEPHANIE, DOOL) and JULIE BERMAN (Lulu, GH).  GH’s other pre-nom in this category, Kristen Storms is a stronger actress than everyone in this category but Berman.  OLTL made a mistake when it did not even pre-nom  Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Brittany Underwood (Langston), who would also be better choices.  If Berman does not win this one, I’ll be upset.  That said, Khalil’s cancer storyline is Emmy bait.

The Younger Leading Actor category could be called Battle of the Fired Actors.  The nominees are: DREW TYLER BELL, (Thomas, B&B), DREW GARRETT, (MICHAEL, GH), DYLAN PATTON, (Will, DOOL), SCOTT CLIFTON, (Schuyler, OLTL) and ZACK CONROY, (JAMES, GL).  Only Bell is still playing the role he was nominated for.  Garrett, Clifton and Conroy are all terrific. I have to root for Garrett to win not only because he was so impressive but because his acceptance speech could shed some light on his mysterious firing.

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