‘America’s Next Top Model’ Winner: We Have a Cover Girl

'Top Model' Krista White (Photo: Mike Ruiz/Pottle Productions)

'Top Model' Krista White (Photo: Mike Ruiz/Pottle Productions)

After successfully strutting down the aisle of an airplane in-flight and working the runway for an Anna Sui fashion show, front runner Krista White was named ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ Wednesday night.

The 25-year-old retail manager from Pine Bluff, Ark. had the top photo three times running before her win in the two-hour season finale, in which she edged out “the second coming of Brooke Shields” Raina Hein.

White was thrilled (and of course easy, breezy and beautiful) over winning the$100,000 Cover Girl contract and six-page spread and cover of ‘Seventeen’ magazine after persistent auditioning. “I can’t believe it’s me! Twelve cycles I tried out, and it’s me!” she chirped.

The first hour of the finale winnowed the model pool to two with the elimination of Angelea and Alexandra following a make-like-a-service-cart challenge on a flight to Queenstown, New Zealand and a photo that called for them to be “ugly pretty” in black lipstick and corsets. (Riiiiight.)

Not that Angelea took her loss to heart. “I know America loves me,” she said. “I’m still America’s Next Top Model, I don’t care.”

“I’m still that bitch.”

And yet, somehow the show continued on without her into its second hour, featuring a commercial shoot for CoverGirl that required the modeltestants to read lines and model at the same time.

Last season’s winner Nicole was on set to coach the girls, but Krista still made seven failed attempts to remember her lines (memorizing is hard!) before turning to the cue cards. Then it was on to a ‘Seventeen’ photo shoot and the surprise arrival of each girl’s parents for a (sniff sniff) family portrait.

The season culminated with the return of half the previously-eliminated contestants for Anna Sui’s rock-and-roll-circus-themed spring 2010 show, after which Krista, who excelled in a previous runway challenge, was declared the winner by Tyra Banks and her fellow judges.

The finale earned the cycle some of its best ratings of the season with a 3.2/5, down slightly from last season’s 3.4/6 finale, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Were you watching? Did you even know ‘America’s Next Top Model’ was still on? Do you love Angelea as much as she thinks you do?

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