‘Brothers & Sisters’: Who Dies? Who Leaves? What’s The Big Secret?

'Brothers & Sisters' Calista Flockhart (ABC)

'Brothers & Sisters' Calista Flockhart (ABC)

This Sunday at 10/9c, ‘Brothers & Sisters‘ wraps up its fourth season with “On the Road Again,” a finale that promises to breathe new life into ABC’s family-centric, wine-pouring drama come fall.

‘Brothers & Sisters’ Eyes Cast Changes… and Time Travel?

Already, it has been reported that ‘B&S’ is seriously contemplating a one-year time jump between seasons.

But why? What transpires in Sunday’s season-ender that demands 12 months of “healing”-slash-reset time?

Mark Your Calendar! TV Finale Dates, from A to Z

Simply said, here is what to watch for as the hour unfolds:

* Someone will die.
* Someone will leave, but not in a coffin.
* As the shuttering of family biz Ojai Foods becomes a stark reality, the unearthing of a secret will offer the Walker clan a glimmering chance at “redemption.”

Of course, it’s no secret that starting this week, Rob Lowe has joined the cast of the NBC sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation.’ But does that mean Robert’s a goner, or is he checking out in a not-so-fatal way?

And if it’s not Kitty’s husband who dies, then who does?

Lastly, what “secret” do you think could pave the way for new prosperity for Nora & Co.?

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