Jenna Morasca: ‘Survivor’ Has Too Many Hidden Immunity Idols

I am finding the urge to rant about these hidden immunity idols.  It might be the fact that I have never seen so many idols in all my years of watching ‘Survivor‘, or that I decided to have a glass of wine before I wrote this blog (hey I am over 21 why not).  Let us take a look at the impact the HII (my abbreviation for the hidden immunity idol) has had on the game thus far.

Tom Westman was the first to find a HII on his tribe. This was WAY early in the season and I give Tom major credit for adjusting to the new rules of the game.  When Tom played, and when I played the only thing that kept you in the game were solid alliances and individual and team immunity.  Now with the new advance of HIIs the whole game has changed, luck and being in the right place at the right time can save your ass.

Tom ended up playing the HII that night at tribal council and Cirie was blindsided and voted out.  Would Cirie of been voted off if the HII was never played, hmm… good question.  I honestly think Cirie was in trouble either way, everyone knows she is the major threat and a good player so there is no doubt in my mind she would of went down early.  It just may not of been that early if Tom did not throw down the HII.

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At the same time on the other tribe Russell got his hands on not one- but TWO idols! Talk about having all the power in your hands.  These idols ended up not only saving him but also saving ParvatiRussell had a solid alliance from the beginning with Danielle and Parvati although we all know his allegiance with Parvati seems to be the strongest.  Sensing Parvati was going home he gifted Parv with his HII and she played it at tribal council and it saved her and Tyson was sacrificed to the wolves.

In this case Parvati most likely would have been toast should she had not played that idol.  We ALL know Parvati is such a strong and smart player and anyone who is not on her side should be scared.  I cannot blame Russell for doing what he did by giving her his HII; I did the same thing on my season.  I gave my #1 ally Heidi my individual immunity one night a tribal council to keep her in the game.  It was one of the few, if not only times (sorry Erik) that someone WILLINGLY gave up individual (not hidden) immunity and it worked out.

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Then we all know the fateful day when JT found the HII on his tribe.  JT found the idol and was convinced by Rupert (nice job matey) that there was an “all girls” alliance going on in the villain’s tribe. So JT thought by sneaking Russell the HII at the challenge for him to vote off Parv would be a genius move.  Instead this proved to be one of the dumbest moves of all time.  Russell played into JT perfectly and took the idol and promptly voted out Courtney at the next tribal council.

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Then when the tribes merged Russell used that same idol to vote out JT.  Voted out by your own idol- ouch!  At the same time Parv and Danielle had found an idol of their own.  Afraid Parv was again going home Russell gives her his HII not having a clue that she has one of her own.  She goes big instead of going home and takes a giant risk by giving one idol to Jerri and one to Sandra to save them both and keep the villains tight.

And to make it even more interesting Danielle got into a wrestling match over another HII at a reward challenge.  Now my head is spinning with how many idols have been played, and I even think I missed a few Russell played.  The question remains if there have been TOO many HII’s in this game.  Now I understand the entertainment value of one or two idols, but 5 or more! Those are game changing numbers, and as a contestant I hate them because that makes so many things out of the players control, but the audience loves them.

How do you feel about the massive amount of HII’s on this season?

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