Who Won’t Survive ‘Supernatural’s Apocalyptic Finale?

Jensen Ackles, 'Supernatural' (The CW)

Jensen Ackles, 'Supernatural' (The CW)

Some five years’ worth of ‘Supernatural‘ drama and conflict come to a head this Thursday at 9/8c on The CW, when Sam and Dean (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) face off against Lucifer, archangel Michael and their less-than-heavenly cronies.

“Things don’t look so good for our guys,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells TV Guide Magazine. With precious few allies still among the living, the brothers Winchester “are trying to rally for what feels like an impossible fight.”

Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) acknowledges that no less than the annihilation of all mankind is a “pretty big endgame” for his evil alter ego to pursue. That said, “He’s on a mission, single-mindedly pursuing a goal – and perhaps he’ll achieve it,” the actor tells TVGuide.com.

“I even think that he might want to go as far as destroying God,” adds Pellegrino, who also happens to play ‘Lost’s enigmatic Jacob. “But that’s quite a tall order.” Kinda!

How the rumble in the supernatural jungle actually plays out is anyone’s guess, but this much is certain: One “beloved character” will die, says Gamble.

Come fall, how will The CW series follow up a throw-down of such biblical proportions, now that its original five-season arc has played out? Says Gamble, “We’ll go intimate and personal and… explore a whole new set of questions.”

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