Alec Baldwin On ‘SNL’ & ’30 Rock’: An Old Pro

Alec Baldwin is one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, but is he getting ready to check out of the NBC hit, ‘30 Rock‘?  Sources tell Fancast that Alec works like an old pro on the set of the show, but he’s getting plenty of offers for passion projects that mean more time spent at home or with his daughter (with ex-wife Kim Basinger), Ireland. Plus, Alec  continues to thumb his nose at the fears that plague other aging actors as he gears up to host ‘SNL‘ for the 15th time on May 15th.

“Alec is very specific on when he can work and how many days a week he can work at ’30 Rock.’  He holds Tina Fey to a tight schedule and she has always been happy to comply.  He is demanding, but Alec is so good that he can show up, run his lines once and boom, they’ve filmed and wrapped him.  He has everything set up in advance so that he doesn’t waste any time.  He can turn Jack Donaghy on and off!”

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With Alec at the real 30 Rockefeller Center for ‘Saturday Night Live’ rehearsals this week, it is more of the same.  The talented actor needs far less rehearsal time than any other ‘SNL’ host.  “Even though ‘SNL’ is a wildly changing sketch show throughout the week, Alec spends less time there than most stars.  If he doesn’t like something, get a joke or think a scene is rolling right, he will immediately say something to get it changed.  He’s tough, but Tina Fey and all the ‘SNL’ writers respect him and will do whatever they can to make him happy.  He really wants to blow everyone away tomorrow night – he knows he can’t compete with Betty White’s numbers, but he is cruising through the skits trying to make it his funniest hosting spot, ever.  Everyone there is on a high from the success of last week and it’s become an even more creative place to be this week!”

After ‘SNL’ tomorrow, Alec is looking to spend more time close to home with daughter Ireland and strolling the streets of the Hamptons this summer.  The Emmy award-winner will be performing Equus in East Hampton from June 8th through July 3rd.  “Alec is ready for some downtime and he loves walking down the street, chatting with locals.  He stops strangers to say hi on the sidewalk.  The Hamptons are home for him.  Equus will provide a new role for Alec, but everyone in the cast is excited to be working with him – they’re already buzzing, talking about his talent and authority on the stage.  This summer working from home could convince him to ease back on ’30 Rock.'”

In December, Baldwin told Mens Health Magazine he was quitting acting after his ’30 Rock’ contract runs out in 2012.

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