Danica McKellar Is a Wonder in Maxim Photo Shoot

'Wonder Years' Star Danica McKellar (Photo: Maxim)

'Wonder Years' Star Danica McKellar (Photo: Maxim)

Kevin Arnold would die if he saw Winnie Cooper now! Danica McKellar, the brunette actress best known for playing Fred Savage’s love interest on the ’80s hit show ‘The Wonder Years,’ is featured in Maxim’s June Hot 100 magazine.

Posing in just her undergarments, there’s no doubt Winnie Cooper’s old fans will suddenly remember why she was their first crush. But McKellar is a bit weary when it comes to guys who approach her because of the character she played. “I’ve always been really cautious about guys who have a Winnie Cooper fantasy, and I’m so glad about that,” she says.

McKellar, who is now married and pregnant with her first child, took a break from acting when she discovered in college that math really got her motor running. “I started doing really well … and solving equations was this, like, drug rush,” she tells Maxim. After proving she had what it takes, she was approached to write a book. “I wanted to help girls not be afraid of math. My latest, ‘Hot X: Algebra Exposed!’ is coming out in August.”

Does she look back at her ‘Wonder Years’ fondly? Does she remember the first kiss between Arnold and her character? “I was 12, and he was 11. That was only about a week after we’d met, and we totally had crushes on each other. But we never kissed offscreen, ever,” McKellar recalls.

VIDEO: Grown-Up ‘Wonder Years’ Star Shocks with Sexy Pics:

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