Jenna Morasca: My 5 Favorite ‘Survivor’ Moments This Season

Survivor's sandy "Battle Dig" (CBS)

Survivor's sandy "Battle Dig" (CBS)

I can’t believe it but this season of ‘Survivor‘ is finally winding down! This group has delivered on every level and in honor of the big finale airing Sunday (CBS, 8 PM) I decided to take a few minutes to list MY favorite moments of this season.  It was much harder to pick than I thought but I narrowed it down to my top 5 favorite moments.  Please share what your favorite moments are in the comments section below.  Survivors Ready! GO!

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1.   You shall get fire! The first reward challenge on this season was for fire.  We all know that fire equals life and a tribe without fire is a tribe that is going to lose challenges.  Now it was not the actual challenge or the fire that makes this my favorite moment, it is what happened IN the challenge.  There were bags buried out in the sand with 4 people going after one bag of sand, 2 from the heroes and 2 from the villains.  Basically this turned into one big sand-laced mosh pit.  And everyone knows how much I LOVE physical challenges.  What made this one special is everyone’s adrenalin was pumping so hard because the game had just started and this was the time to make your first impression.  Steph ended up hurting her shoulder, Rupert broke his ‘”toe,” Sandra exposed Sugar’s gumballs, and Tyson debuted the leopard mankini.  Doesn’t get any better than that!

2.  James shows he will not be labeled. James was put on the hero’s tribe this season.  We all know James is an incredible athlete who would play this game with every bone in his body broken and never complain.  But after a few episodes this season fans began to wonder if James was on the wrong tribe.  We all remember the “push your opponent off with a giant pillow” challenge where James whipped his pillow in Randy’s face.  Then he went on a serious witch-hunt to get Steph voted off.  Lastly, to prove his worth he raced JT with a really bum knee to prove he can still be an asset to his tribe.  They voted him off anyway which I thought was a giant mistake.  James delivered on the entertainment this season and did not fall into the boring “hero” personality that most of his other tribe members did.

Watch last night’s episode below:

[iframe—Episode-13/embed 580 476]

3. Red Sox vs. Astros. This season gave us the amazing rivalry of Boston Rob versus Russell.  The whole season every second they had on camera (went one of them wasn’t “passing out”) they were talking about how much they hated each other.  Boston Rob was all old school player with old school tactics and Russell is a new breed of player and is always thinking of not only ways to get his enemies off but embarrass them in the process.  This throw down lasted almost half the season so it built up the ending perfectly.  Russell ended coming out the victor and Boston Rob and his hat were sent packing.

4. JT makes the biggest blunder of all time. There is no reason we need to rehash this “whoopsie” again.  We all know what happened.  JT thought he was smarter than Russell, and he wasn’t.  He gave his HII to Russell to use to vote out Parv only to have it used to vote him off a few days later.  I feel bad for him because he can really never live this down but it has to make my list.

5. Danielle and Parv find their own HII and hide it from Russell. This move showed the audience that Russell was not the only one running the show here.  The girls had moves of their own and had no problem keeping him out of the loop.  It was a bold move of Parv to give away not one but TWO of her idols to OTHER people in her alliance. Danielle ended up going down but the showdown between Parv and Russell is brewing.

What were your favorite moments of the season? Share in the comments below!

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