Keith Olbermann on Sarah Palin: ‘That Woman Is an Idiot’

Keith Olbermann Blasts Sarah Palin (Photo: MSNBC)

Keith Olbermann Blasts Sarah Palin (Photo: MSNBC)

Sarah Palin earned a new award Thursday night, courtesy of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, who during a nightly ‘Countdown‘ segment meant to lambast the latest boobs in the news, placed the former Alaskan governor on the top of his ‘Worst Person in the World’ list.

The honor was bestowed upon Palin for her recent public snipe at Rachel Maddow. Palin found an excuse to badmouth Maddow and the entire MSNBC network while talking to a group of supporters, according to the Huffington Post.

During a rant about some store clerk discovering a person was from Alaska, Palin compared the clerk’s reaction to the likes of Maddow.

“[A clerk] turns beet red and the veins pop out in her neck,” joked Palin. “Kinda like Rachel Maddow sometimes. Now watch, that clip’s gonna be on, on the air for her dotcom. Increase ratings.”

Whether it was Palin’s odd use of the term ‘dotcom’ or her attacking a fellow MSNBC employee that first riled up Olbermann, her actions quickly put her in the ranks of such public figures as Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck, and even Ann Coulter, all people that have made Olbermann’s ‘Worst Person in the World’ list.

“That woman is an idiot,” said Olbermann, before pointing out that Palin refuses to appear on MSNBC. “That woman does not have the courage, personal or political, to appear on MSNBC, not without an army with her. And I mean that literally.”

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