Sam Worthington Takes On Allan Quatermain

In keeping with his desire to continue making big-time action films, Sam Worthington is now set to take on the role of the legendary literary hero Allan Quatermain in a new sci-fi reimagining of the character which will simply be called Quatermain. While the original H. Rider Haggard novel from 1885 that introduced the character had him as a treasure-hunter on campaigns in unexplored regions of Africa, this new take will have him returning to Earth after humanity has left the planet behind in a similar adventures of discovery.

Worthington, who is coming off a triple-blockbuster effort with Terminator: Salvation, Avatar and Clash of the Titans, recently explained his philosophy on choosing movies: “If I’m going to do films and invest six months of my life in something, then it better be something worthwhile. Would I go and see this movie myself? It’s even better, therefore, to be a part of it and hopefully we get to give the audience their 16 bucks worth. That’s how I look at my job. I think that’s how we all look at our job, to be honest. You get to this point to play with the big boys, I personally want to do big movies.”

Quatermain is a big DreamWorks sci-fi adventure. It’s pretty well guaranteed to be a big movie.

Watch a classic Allan Quatermain adventure King Solomon’s Mines right here on Fancast.

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