Users Speak: Will You Watch Kate Gosselin’s New Shows?

Kate Gosselin (John M. Heller/Getty Images)

Kate Gosselin (John M. Heller/Getty Images)

Has Kate Gosselin fatigue officially taken hold? On Tuesday, photos surfaced of Gosselin and her brood of eight shooting scenes for her upcoming TLC reality show ‘Kate Plus 8’ (Gosselin has another series, ‘Twist of Kate,’ in the works for the network). Responses as to whether people will actually watch the ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ eliminee’s June 6 return to TV were varied, to say the least. Below, our favorite user comments of the week:

Not only will I NOT be watching this show, I’m pretty much done with TLC too. I remember when that channel used to have high quality shows showing how families with unique circumstances got by. There are still a few good shows on TLC but many of them are of families with selfish parents who make bad choices and exploit their own children and are more concerned with self promotion than being good parents. Queen Kate is an example of this!! So sad. — Zoey

well i for ONE will be watching the show , I think these kids are so cute and I am curious to how the children are adjusting and how they are doing considering their situation and life style changes. — Jello

seem to remember the original show tanking after Jon left. That tells me that the kids weren’t enough to pull in the audience. What makes TLC think it’ll happen now? Oh, well, at least the cameras are back, and the kids’ lives can get back to normal. At least normal for them. shesbaaaack

I’m excited! If all these people (who I suspect are fewer in number than the posts) are not going to watch…then maybe they will do the rest of us a favor and stay away from the venomous comments, too. If they don’t watch…then they won’t have comments either, right???? I wish! What drives me nuts is that if these people truly don’t like Kate, then why are they drawn like magnets to every article about her and take the time to comment? Because they are worse than what they claim Kate is. Kate can be over the top at times…but she also has had a lot to deal with. I believe most of us would put our coat of armor on also if in her shoes. I look forward to seeing her with the kids. I bet without Jon she will seem much calmer. She won’t be having to tend to the big baby while watching her children mature. –– Elle

I don’t think the show will do well. People are sick of Kate and the kids no longer have their baby cuteness. In fact, they have all gotten pretty bratty. — Fred

All everyone needs to do is just not watch the damned show. No ratings, no renewal. I think the networks should be boycotted and we can just stop watching these ridiculous parents parade their children around like monkeys. Wait until these kids are teens, they will despise her for what Kate has done in her life and what a spectacle she has made of them. She is talentless, dull and quite boring. When she looks in the mirror in the morning is she saying that she is doing this for her children or herself! — DebL

Exploiting kids? Yeah must be terrible being on TV–living a very rich life—terrible mommy! How dare she provide for her family—she should work at Wal Mart and have her kids raised by a stranger! People are amazing today—Hey dont boycott–porn or violent TV–boycott a mom and her kids- LOL — Arnold

I bet the ratings go through the roof! Just as they did for DWTS…why? because everyone seems interested. Those who claim they can;t stand, can’t wait to find something to bash her for..those who like her or love the kids will be anxious to see them. TLC isn’t stupid. The is a demand for Kate and the kids…no matter how you see it. — Elle

OMG-why do people constantly say that if you do not support Kate that you hate her. I do not hate her, I am not jealous of her, and I do not wish bad things to befall her or the children. I just think she is a very cold, self centered person who has let greed and conceit dominate her life. She has turned from a pleasant housewife with darling babies in the early shows to a calculating, manipulative shrew. I see nothing to admire or covet and in many ways she is to be pitied. She has sold her integrity to TLC. — Mindy

I’m looking forward to watching the new show. I find the children to be the cutest thing since sliced bread. One thing I was taught as a young child if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all— Life is to short to waste time on negativity. — Belle

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