‘Survivor’ Headed to Nicaragua

Shortly after wrapping up what many consider to be one of the best “Survivor” seasons of all time, host Jeff Probst announced that the 21st season of the popular reality show will be filmed in Nicaragua.

Very few details are known at this time, however the promo that aired at the end of the finale promised, “A brand new set of Survivors, exciting and innovative challenges, and something that may surprise them all.”

Another tidbit that was revealed in Jeff Probst’s EW blog is the crew’s desire to make the hidden immunity idols more difficult to find. This is of course due to Russell Hantz’s uncanny ability to pluck idols from mid-air.

“Survivor: Nicaragua” will premiere in September of 2010. Be sure to visit Fancast Xfinity TV for behind-the-scenes interviews, analysis, and more.

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