‘Desperate Housewives’ Exec Producer Dishes On Past Season

Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives. (ABC)

Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives. (ABC)

Desperate Housewives wrapped up another season with its trademark twists and surprises, plus more than enough mysteries colliding into one another to keep fans guessing about next season. All that was missing was reference to Nicolette Sheridan’s off-screen drama, but that’s sure to rear its head again. ‘Desperate’s executive producer Bob Daily gave Fancast.com his thoughts on the just completed season and a hint of things to come in the fall.

What were the high points of the season? I think we have one of our best season finales ever… we have not one, but two mystery story lines wrapping up, involving not one, but two of our women — Lynette inviting a strangler into her home, and Gabrielle getting caught up with the Bolens. Definitely our most action-packed episode of the season.


Do you have a favorite episode, line, or scene from this season? If so– what? Well, it’s hard to top crashing a plane into the Wisteria Lane Christmas party. I was very fond of the episode where Gabrielle’s daughter dropped the f-bomb at her 1st-grade Thanksgiving pageant…and also of Susan turning enforcer for Mike’s failing business and shaking down an old lady for her watch.

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Take us inside your approach to the finale and what you wanted to accomplish. Our goal this season was to keep people from getting ahead of us on the mystery story line, and I think we accomplished that. Also, we really wanted to involve our lead women in the mystery as much as possible…and we did. Like I said, I think it’s the most exciting season finale we’ve done yet.

Did anything disappoint you about this season? Anything you wish you could have done, but didn’t have the time, forethought or resources? It was sad for us to say goodbye to Julie Benz’s character — she was

What should fans look forward to next season? Major character from Season One returning to Wisteria Lane — with a mystery, of course!

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