The Big Tease: Scoop On ‘Lost,’ ‘Fringe,’ ‘Glee’ and More

'Lost's Terry O'Quinn, 'Fringe's Anna Torv and 'Glee's Matthew Morrison (ABC/FOX)

'Lost's Terry O'Quinn, 'Fringe's Anna Torv and 'Glee's Matthew Morrison (ABC/FOX)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

That is so not fair that you saw this week’s ‘Lost’ already. I’m beyond jealous. – Frederic
Don’t be jealous that I saw it; be jealous that I saw it on a big screen in a theater filled with ‘Lost’ fans. I now realize that’s the best way to experience the show and plan to rent out the Garden State Plaza Cineplex for 120some hours at a date TBD.

Don’t give anything specific away, but is this week’s ‘Lost’ a spectacular episode with lots of questions answered, or is it just so-so? – Steven via Facebook
Spectacular is a strong word (and one typically associated with Teri Hatcher’s… comedy chops), but yeah, ‘What They Died For” is very solid. Among other things, it features, like, the best campfire story ever, a reveal about someone we didn’t consider to be a candidate, and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ finale-levels of bloodshed. There’s also a significant development regarding Jacob’s successor.

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Will we see Rose and Bernard one more time before ‘Lost’ ends? – James
Yes, in Sunday’s series finale. And when the marrieds resurface, they’re still wielding a “Don’t harsh my mellow” ‘tude as their idyllic existence is rudely intruded upon (and then some). L. Scott Caldwell, who plays Rose, told me she herself isn’t fond of Rose’s lack of hospitality, seeing as the fans had come to regard the character as “quite peaceful.” So in her mind, R&B “were probably eating wild mushrooms or something else that changed their attitude!”

So, Juliet/Sawyer – happily ever after? Yes? – Ryan
Interpret Josh Holloway‘s assessment of Sunday’s two-and-a-half hour series finale as you wish: “[It’s] un-freakin’-believable… Everything I hoped it would do, it did.”

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I completely agree with your tweet that ‘Fringe’ could be the new ‘Lost.’ Season 2 has been fantastic! – jenwag57 via Twitter
And according to everyone from the cast I talked to over the past few days, the season is going to end on the highest of notes. John Noble calls it “the best hour of television I’ve seen all year,” while Lance Reddick teases this: “With the very last moment, people’s jaws are going to drop.” (I’ll have much more on the movie-like ‘Fringe’ finale later this week.)

Let me guess – Neil Patrick Harris‘ ‘Glee’ character sleeps with Emma? – Jane via Twitter
With Emma? No, not with Emma. In more G-rated news about this week’s episode, NPH’s ‘Dream On’ duet with Matthew Morrison is a ton o’fun; Artie’s got mad moves; and much to my surprise (though not entirely), the show goes there with a certain storyline.

I want spoilers on ‘Glee’s Puck and Quinn! – BrunetteNoel via Twitter
The show has been playing that pairing conspicuously light since the hiatus, so please know that it’s also bugging me aka the unofficial president of Dianna Agron‘s fan club. The clip reel Fox showed at its upfront event only offered this smallish, non-Quick spoiler: Will tells Emma, “Regardless of what happens with the glee club, I’m not done with you.”

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I’m dying for some ‘Bones’ scoop! – Lauren
The new promos are spilling what I’ve known for a while, so I guess it’s now fair game: Thursday’s season finale revolves around what very well could be (gulp) Brennan and Booth’s final case together.

So the new ‘Rockford Files’ is dead? – Bill via Facebook
Fun fact: I was born in Rockford (Illinois). But I digress. NBC’s reboot is heading back to the drawing board and/or editing bay and/or casting office, with an eye on a possible midseason or fall 2011 premiere. Explains NBC exec Angela Bromstad, “It had to be an A+ pilot, and I think we had an A-, B+. We want to get it right.”

Do you know if they’re going to do a movie to finish off ‘Heroes’? – Patricia via Facebook
As reported Sunday, NBC is in talks with Tim Kring about a possible wrap-up movie, and Greg Grunberg (aka Matt Parkman) is among the cast who “really hopes that happens.” As the star of the new NBC comedy ‘Love Bites’ notes, “There’s the potential for a great two- or four-hour movie, and the audience deserves it.”

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Since ‘Chase’ was picked up by NBC, when is it going to start production and where are they going to shoot it? – Ryan
‘Chase’s female lead, Kelli Giddish, told me that starting in July, the show will film in Texas – the first time a Jerry Bruckheimer program has set up shot outside of L.A. “I could not be happier,” Giddish says of her first role since Fox’s short-lived ‘Past Life.’ Playing a U.S. marshal, “I get to strap my Glock back on and go at it!” Photo finish: Kelli and me!

How do ‘Cougar Town’s Jules and Grayson break the news to Bobby that they’re dating? – Megabby via Twitter
I’ll say this: One, Bobby sure doesn’t make it easy for Jules to get the words out. And two, her ultimate plan to reveal the relationship requires the displacement of lots of sand. All in all, a solid season finale this Wednesday.

What did you think of ‘Smallville’ finale? A-mazing comes to mind. – Jessica
They could have ended it after that cold open set in the future followed by Clark’s “S” eyes, and I would have given it an A+. Dear Warner Bros. TV: Can it be 2013 now?

I’d just like to know if ‘Caprica’ is getting a second season and when we can expect to see the second half of Season 1. – Eve
I checked for you, Eve, just as I “went to press” and… no, there’s no word yet on exactly when Season 1 will resume, or on a pick-up. But it’s a bit early to say, on both counts.

I’m so upset that ‘FlashForward’ has been canceled! Is the May 27 season – now series – finale going to leave us frustrated? – Greg
I delivered your question to Christine Woods (aka Janice), and she said that any loose ends be damned, the unexpected series-ender “will leave true fans satisfied.” By the way, Christine’s new midseason NBC comedy, ‘Perfect Couples’? Perfectly funny.

OK, I now need to know: Where did the version of the ‘House’ finale you got leave off? – cd_walsh via Twitter
Ah yes, the infamous “missing final scene” that Fox taunted us press peeps with. Our version ended with House fingering the Vicodin tablets. Everything from the arrival of Cuddy in his bathroom on was brand-new to me last night – and rather awesome. I wasn’t hallucinating, was I?

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