‘Today’ Correspondent Swallows Big Bug On Air

by | May 18, 2010 at 9:30 AM | The Today Show, TV News

NBC Correspondent Mark Potter (Photo: NBC)

NBC Correspondent Mark Potter (Photo: NBC)

An unexpected moment on ‘The Today Show‘ has us bugging out.

During a live segment for the morning show, NBC correspondent Mark Potter was reporting on the Gulf oil spill when he swallowed a huge fly that flew into his mouth! After choking up a bit and being a little stunned, the news reporter just smiled, took a sip of water and kept on reporting. What a pro!

Never one to miss an opportunity, the ‘Today’ hosts joked about the unfortunate incident afterward and NBC even provided a clip of the surprise snack attack in slo-mo.

“That’s what you call having breakfast on the fly,” quipped co-host Matt Lauer.

Watch the Fly Clip Here


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