‘The View’ Demands Apology from Jonathan Rhys Meyers for Using ‘N’ Word

'The View' (Photo: ABC)

'The View' (Photo: ABC)

The View‘ took on Jonathan Rhys Meyers this morning and had a few choice words for ‘The Tudors‘ star, who was permanently banned from United Airlines after a drunken display and shouting racial slurs before boarding a plane last week, as RadarOnline.com exclusively reported.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan Rhys Myers Banned From United Airlines Flights After Drunken Outburst

“[He] has been banned for life, child, for life! from United Airlines for supposedly flying into a drunken rage before boarding a flight and shouting the N-word at employees of the airline,” Whoopi exclaimed.

EXCLUSIVE: Jonathan Rhys Meyers Used Racial Slur When Banned From Airline

RadarOnline.com’s first reported that Rhys Myers was booked on a United Airlines flight headed to Los Angeles from New York in early May. Despite the early morning departure time, airline workers noticed the actor “pounding drinks” in the first class lounge and becoming increasingly drunk and disorderly.

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“This happened a few years ago with Dog the Bounty Hunter who said the N-word in his house…He apologized profusely and is still apologizing…and when you really like somebody, cause y’all know when Jonathan comes on the show you know I pretty much promise my paycheck to Jonathan for one night– that was a joke!,” said Sherri Shepherd. “And when you really like and really admire someone when you find out when someone is drunk because when you’re drunk I believe that’s when stuff form the heart comes out.”

“[It’s called] Veritas– when you’re drinking the truth comes out. Mel Gibson was also drinking when he spouted all those anti-Semitic slurs,” Joy Behar pointed out.

“Stupidity definitely comes out!” Whoopi exclaimed.

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A self-proclaimed fan of the troubled star, Sherri’s not sure what to think about the racial rant.

“I like Jon, I’m a fan, but I’m disappointed,” she added. “It makes you look at a person twice when they say something like that… am I still a fan? I think he’s a great actor, but I know Jonathan has had a lot of trouble in the past and I hope he gets it together because he loses fans.”

And Joy had a proposition for Jonathan.

“He needs to come on ‘The View’ and apologize profusely, like Dog did!”


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