Dick Wolf: ‘Law & Order’ ‘Not Dead,’ Seeking New Home

Jeremy Sisto in Law & Order (NBC)

Jeremy Sisto in Law & Order (NBC)

Chun-chun! The original ‘Law & Order‘ may serve up a cool OFF-screen twist as series creator Dick Wolf labors to find the 20-year-old series a new home after being dismissed by NBC.

“The patient is not dead,” Wolf said in a statement. “It is in a medically induced coma, and we are hoping for a cure.”

All metaphors aside, Wolf told The New York Times that he is actively wooing other outlets to pick up the show for a 21st season, thus breaking the record set in 1975 by ‘Gunsmoke’ for longest-running drama series.

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NBC announced ‘Law & Order’s cancelation last weekend, saying that it was “time to move forward” and keep the franchise fresh by way of a new Los Angeles-based spin-off. ‘LOLA,’ as it has been nicknamed, will air Wednesdays at 10 starting this fall.

Wolf, in his bid to salvage the mothership, has the support of more than 21,000 + people who have organized a Facebook group called “Save Law & Order!

He also has no less than the Big Apple itself rooting for him. After all, ‘Law & Order’ is credited with bringing some $79 million worth of jobs and revenue to New York City every season. And that’s not chump-chump! change.

As it stands now, ‘Law & Order’ is set to air its NBC finale on May 24.

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