Inside ‘Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains’ Finale With Jenna Morasca

Well there you have it, the season of ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains‘ is over! I’ll say it now, this season was one of my favorites. It delivered on all levels.

I was lucky enough to be able to watch the finale in the live studio audience at David Letterman Studios in New York. Screaming fans, nervous family members, and a ton of previous ‘Survivor’ alum surrounded me. Here is my take on the finale, from the studio audience perspective.

When you walk into the studio, every chair is labeled with the current ‘Survivor’s name. This is where their family will sit while we all watch the final episode on numerous TV screens then the finale live on stage. This is a great advantage for me because the names on the chairs let me know whom I CANNOT talk about while watching the show.

Usually I put my size 9 foot in my mouth making comments about the players while the show is airing but at least with this I can identify whose family is near and watch what I say. Let’s be honest: we all watch the show at home and play “armchair” ‘Survivor,’ inserting our opinions, comments and yelling at the TV screen. So imagine a studio packed with people doing the same thing. I did hear a few people say, “Hey watch what you are saying; that is my son/daughter.”


Watch the season finale:

[iframe—Episode-14/embed 580 476]

The energy in the room was great because everyone there loves the show or is personally invested in their family member. You can’t help but to get fired up every time the crowd cheers or boos. The crowd cheered for Jerri, Boston Rob, Rupert and Colby, and they booed every time Russell voted someone off or told someone off. His family was on the losing end of the battle. The whole studio audience was booing him-but I have to assume they expected that.

I sat directly next to Eliza and close to Burton, Todd, Spencer, Brian and Stephen (and Ethan of course). I got a new iPhone (courtesy of Ethan) right before the finale and I perfected my typing skills as I feverishly typed comments and snarky remarks to Todd and Eliza throughout the whole show. Eliza and I were talking so much throughout the show that I thought at one point they may kick us out.

Todd, Spencer, Brian and Eliza were all big fans of Sandra, Courtney and Parvati. They cheered louder at times than their family members! Jonny Fairplay was also there with the loudest pink suit on I have ever seen. Probst must have found out he was there because he had the worst seats in the house. He was literally sat at the bottom of the stage, far to the right and behind a giant camera, in the no-view zone. I think they tried to avoid having him run onstage and tackle Russell as revenge for taking away his title of “biggest villain”.

As for the finale itself, eh what can I say?

I really wanted and thought Parvati deserved to win. She played hard, dominated in challenges, and basically ran the show, that to me is what a ‘Survivor’ winner should be.

Meanwhile Sandra said that she is the worst at challenges and that her strategy was to vote out Russell. Well both of those arguments are terrible! She never got Russell out of the game and did not secure herself a position on the show by winning a challenge.

I thought the jury was bitter and angry with Parvati and a bit jealous. She pulled the wool over their eyes all while managing to be extremely charming, and that makes people angry.

I also think that since she was paired with Russell the whole game, the jury really related her to Russell and that hurt her, too.

Watch the reunion special:
[iframe—Live-Reunion-Show/embed 580 476]

But we cannot change the results. A winner is a winner and we cannot take that away from Sandra.

There have been many seasons where the audience disagrees with the winner. After all the audience voted Russell the title of “America’s Favorite” two seasons in a row!!! So congrats to Sandra for winning and winning twice.

I saw her briefly on my way out of the after party but Ethan and I could not muster up the energy to stay super late. We both got a chance to catch up with James and JT before heading out the door. They both looked good and a bit relived the show was over and they could continue on life.

Lets all give JT a break for giving up the hidden idol. He knows it was a mistake and admits it, so lets all make an effort to let it go.

I can’t wait until next season in Nicaragua. I went to Nicaragua for a trip a year ago and I was staying in a nice house and it was still REALLY REALLY rustic. TONS of bugs, so this group is not going to have it easy- and I cant wait!

Thanks to all of you for reading my blogs and having great insight and comments. I will see you next season.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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