‘The Good Guys’ Mustache: Bradley Whitford’s Creation

Bradley Whitford in The Good Guys (FOX)

Bradley Whitford in The Good Guys (FOX)

Fox’s summer buddy-cop show ‘The Good Guys’ — getting a high-profile debut lead-in to ‘American Idol’ Wednesday — may possibly be known as That Mustache Show.

In the hourlong action-comedy spoof, ‘The Good Guys’ (formerly called ‘Code 58’), which airs its pilot before ‘Idol’s’ third-to-last show of the season before premiering regularly June 3, TV veteran Bradley Whitford rocks an impressive ‘Reno 911!’-style mustache that leaves a striking visual impression. (‘Glee’ was the last show to debut as a lead-in to ‘Idol.’)

Could Whitford’s mustache be a good thing — or a pigeon-holing gimmick?

Creator Matt Nix, who hit cable pay dirt with USA’s ‘Burn Notice’ (an action show that draws more than 7 million viewers a week on basic cable in summer’s dog days) tells Fancast that Whitford’s part simply called for a mustache – and the ‘West Wing‘ actor made it his own.

“Certainly there was a great mustache in the script, but I would be lying if I said I could imagine it would be as fantastic as his,” Nix said at a recent ‘Burn Notice’ event at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. “Anything you do with Bradley is collaboration. He is such an amazing and talented guy, and has so many ideas. He can grow such a great mustache.”

In ‘The Good Guys,’ Whitford plays a washed-up 70s style cop Dan Stark opposite the comparatively strait-laced Colin Hanks, who plays detective Jack Bailey.

Given the big cable ratings for ‘Burn Notice,’ ‘Good Guys’ could be worth following, as the two are rare original scripted shows that air in the summer. (And ‘Reno 911!’ was eventually made into a movie.) The show has received good advance buzz, with Time.com calling it a “winning buddy-cop spoof.”

Whitford said recently of the ‘Good Guys’ mustache: “My kids hate it. I did grow it. It is very funny. It’s not just a stereotype. Of a certain age of cops, there are mustaches. Just look around. My growing this mustache, I gotta say, it reminds me of a lot of the work De Niro did in ‘Raging Bull.’ This is real. He was like a middle-weight contender.”

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