‘Fringe’ Finale Promises ‘Payoffs All Over The Place’

'Fringe's John Noble (Fox)

'Fringe's John Noble (Fox)

This week on Fox’s ‘Fringe‘ (Thursday at 9/8c), the conclusion of the two-part season finale will turn the worlds, plural, on their ear as Walter, Olivia et al continue their mission to pluck Peter out of the alternate universe and hopefully – hopefully! – return en masse to the Andrew Jackson-honoring reality they call home.

It’s going to be a race against time and space though, seeing as, after all, AWOL Peter’s crossover to Earth 2 threatens to destroy a little something called civilization.

Take that tension, reality-tripping and heavy dose of otherworld doppelgangers, add in guest star Leonard Nimoy (‘Star Trek‘), and you get “the best hour of television I have seen all year,” John Noble (Walter/Walternate) tells Fancast. “The payoffs are all over the place.”

Adds Joshua Jackson (Peter), “We answer most of the questions that were posed for Season 2, and launch many questions for Season 3.”

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So ambitious and grand is ‘Fringe’s headfirst dive into a dual-universe narrative that Noble says, “It didn’t read like a television script; it was a film. It was a self-contained, really good film, so that was daunting.”

“When you have [Oscar winner/’Fringe’ consulting producer] Akiva Goldsman (‘A Beautiful Mind‘) writing for you,” he adds, “it’s pretty huge.”

"Our" Walter meets up with William Bell (guest star Leonard Nimoy) (Fox)

"Our" Walter meets up with William Bell (guest star Leonard Nimoy) (Fox)

And then there’s that ‘Star Trek’ alum who is so revered by fans of sci-fi. “The most interesting scenes I have in the finale,” Noble says, “are the ones with Leonard Nimoy, when I’m the [regular] Walter. They are fantastic.”

So… how does it all end? Will Olivia find Peter? Are they at risk of getting stuck in the alt-verse? Can “our” Walter prevent the assembly of the doomsday device detailed in the schematic an Observer slipped Olivia?

This much we know: the other universe will figure heavily into the first few episodes of Season 3, airing in the fall.

Teasing the very last moment of the finale, Lance Reddick (Broyles) promises, “Jaws are going to drop” – just as they did a year ago, when viewers first got a glimpse of an Earth where the Twin Towers stay standing.

Noble echoes that sentiment, saying, “We leave you with the best teaser for Season 3 – and that’s all I’m going to tell you!”

How excited are you, ‘Fringe’ fans? What do you think will happen? And with ‘Lost’ ending, is ‘Fringe’ the heir apparent for delivering a weekly, trippy fix?

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