‘Lost’ Stars Share Their 3-Word Reviews Of The Series Finale

by | May 20, 2010 at 2:34 PM | Finales 2010, Lost, Matt's TV News

'Lost's Josh Holloway (Photo: Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez)

'Lost's Josh Holloway (Photo: Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez)


That was ‘Lost‘ star Josh Holloway‘s answer when we asked him to sum up Sunday’s two-and-a-half hour series finale in three words. (He’s a nice guy, so we’ll forgive him for taking a bit of poetic license with our “rule.”)

“Everything I hoped it would do, it did,” Josh added.

‘Lost’ Recap: ‘What They Died For,’ What We Live For

L. Scott Caldwell, who resurfaces as Rose – on the island – in the finale, predicts that the fans’ response to how it all ends will be: “What a blast!”

Fancast asked a bevy of ‘Lost’ favorites – Michael Emerson (Ben) and Nestor Carbonell (Richard) included – to succinctly sum up the sure-to-astound series finale. Watch this (spoiler-free) red carpet video to see what they had to say: