‘CSI’ Cliffhanger: A Shooting, A Stabbing and A Serial Killer Showdown

'CSI': Jekyll's Victims Can't Hyde (Photo: CBS)

'CSI': Jekyll's Victims Can't Hyde (Photo: CBS)

It’s gonna be a long summer for Ray Langston fans.

Thursday night’s tenth season finale of ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘ ended with a solving, a shooting and a shivving.

The CSIs caught serial killer ‘Dr. Jekyll’ – he turned out to be a chef and former med student with daddy issues — with the Hannibal Lecter-style guidance of last season’s ‘Dick and Jane’ killer Nate Haskell (Bill Irwin).

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Nick Stokes (George Eads) took a shot in the shoulder from Jekyll and lay bleeding for a while as the killer worked through his emotional issues with his father, then he grabbed his gun and ended the rant by blasting Jekyll’s hide.

Sure, Nick got shot, but he was soon asking for pizza. Heading into the last two minutes of the episode, it seemed as if the season would end on a hunky dorky note.

But, no.

When Langston (Laurence Fishburne) went to gloat to Haskell in his holding cell about Jeykll’s apprehension, he stepped right into some prison-style violence. Earlier, Haskell provoked a guard into zapping him with his stun belt and intentionally broke his glasses in his fall, ‘cause he’s a crafty killer like that. So, as Langston turned to leave, Haskell grabbed him through the bars and stuck him in the back with the sharpened glasses stem at least five times.

The season ended with Langston barely alive, lying on his back bleeding.

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Until the end, the finale was a pedestrian trip following Haskell’s toying hints and Jekyll’s teasing clues – the latter sent Ray a box with slices of prosciutto with etchings on them from which Langston decoded what Jekyll planned to do to his next victim. Haskell led them to an Italian restaurant where all of Jekyll’s victims used to dine and the high end meat steered them toward the fancy restaurant where they found Jekyll, aka Charlie DiMasa (Matt Ross), festering in his father’s shadow.

Nick may have taken out that serial killer, but back at headquarters, another was preparing to strike again. Enjoy the cliffhanger!

What did you think of the ‘CSI’ finale? Did you enjoy this season? Would you miss Laurence Fishburne’s character?

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