‘Grey’s Boss Spills Secrets Behind Killer Finale, Deleted Scenes

Patrick Dempsey, 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

Patrick Dempsey, 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

Spoiler Alert: The following story contains major plot details from Thursday night’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season finale.

Fans of ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ are probably feeling a lot of things after this week’s two-hour season finale, in which – among other tragedies, including a pair of lethal shootings – Meredith miscarried the baby she had only hours before discovered was inside her.

Well, series creator Shonda Rhimes took to her keyboard to shed light on the dark twists she uncorked, as well as reveal the shooting she rewrote and tease some DVD-bound deleted scenes.

“You want to know why I didn’t do a happy season finale. Why happy things were not happening to happy people in the happy finale,” Rhimes says in her blog at GreysWriters.com. “I promise you, there was a reason.”

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Rhimes starts off her “debrief” by saying, “It hurt to write this finale. It literally hurt me. Because in order to write these episodes, I had to walk in the shoes of Gary Clark,” the devastated husband who blamed Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and select others for his wife’s death while under Seattle Grace’s care. “By the time I finished writing Part 1, I was sick. And depressed.”

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Rhimes also reveals that another SGH favorite – Chandra Wilson’s Bailey – took a bullet in an earlier draft of the finale script. But when putting that scene to paper left her sleepless for nights on end, “I had to remove it,” Rhimes says. “Bailey getting shot was just too much for me.”

As for the momentous issue of the tragic miscarriage, Rhimes explains that her goal in part was to make Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) come to realize, after some hesitation about being a mother, just how much she wants to start a family with Derek. Also, it was a “balancing of the scales” as Mer had to lose something in the course of gaining Derek’s life on the operating table.

Rhimes likens it to the bill you get in exchange for a joyful purchase: “You want in, you gotta pay.”

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If the ‘Grey’s’ finale seemed bursting at the seams with drama, you should know that much had to be excised and left on the cutting room floor. The good news: Rhimes says that some “18 minutes of incredibly juicy goodness” – “Callie sings, Lexie gets thrown out of an ambulance, Cristina Yang makes the first cut into Derek’s chest, Bailey gives the Bailey aria of a lifetime” – will be included on the Season 6 DVD.

As for what happens come Season 7, in the wake of such a lives-changing ordeal…. “I know,” Rhimes teases. “But I can’t tell you.

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