‘Lost’ Loves: The Best Couples

'Lost' Super Couples (Photo: ABC)

'Lost' Super Couples (Photo: ABC)

Complicated, mysterious and addictive, ‘Lost‘ is many things. A battle between good and evil. A battle between science and faith. A battle between impossibly good looking people and their flaws. But if you had to sum up the show in one word, it would be … LOVE.

We decided to rank the island lovers–and lost causes–as we prepare to say goodbye to our favorite castaways once and for all.


young-widmore-hawking15. Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking: When describing the affair between former Others leaders Eloise and Charles, Richard can only say, “Love is complicated.” The parents of Daniel Faraday–and if anyone knows how a Widmore and a Hawking make a Faraday, please let me know–are estranged in Island Times, with Widmore also fathering Penelope somewhere along the way, but they are wealthy marrieds in the Alt-Verse. Basically, the shady couple are bewildering and bemusing in any ‘verse.’

jack-shirtless-sawyer14. Jack and Sawyer: Oh, come on! These alpha male rivals have the best bromance on TV since Denny Crane and Alan Shore (‘Boston Legal’). The two halves of the Kate Sandwich light up the screen when they aren’t locking horns, and I can’t wait for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo to join forces and take down the Dark Side in the series finale. P.S. Who doesn’t love their Secret Guy Talk? Remember the time when Sawyer told Jack that he randomly had a drink in a bar in Sydney with this sad dude that turned out to be Jack’s dad, who admitted he never got a chance to tell his son he loved him? And so Sawyer told Jack that dad was proud of his doctor son. Awe. Best Man Crying Moment EVER!

richard-dead-isabella13. Richard and Isabella: We never really got to know Isabella, but by the time the back story of Richard Alpert was revealed, we were deeply intrigued by the Ageless Wonder, and were touched by the heartbreaking love story between Richard and the dead wife he tried desperately to save from sickness. After accidentally killing a mean doctor who might as well have been el Diablo himself, Richard was shipped off on the Black Rock slave ship, which crashed on the island in the 1800s, and he’s been there ever since, not looking a day over 40 (Thanks, Jacob!).

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jack-juliet-kiss12. Jack and Juliet: The least popular corner of the Island Love Quadrangle, Jack and Juliet were a good intellectual match, both being doctors and all. While Jack and Kate were coupled off the island in 2007, fans were shocked when the writers took a risk and paired Sawyer and Juliet as lovers on the island in seventies Dharmaville, but the gamble paid off and fans loved it. When she died, Sawyer blamed Jack for the Juliet Jughead ‘incident.’ But guess who is the odds-on favorite to be Jack’s Baby Mama of his teenage son David in the Alt-Verse? Juliet Burke.

locke-helen11. Locke and Helen: Katey Sagal’s guest starring turn as the only woman John Locke ever loved, Helen Norwood, was always a treat. She dumped Locke (obsessed with his insane father–who could blame him?) before the crash and later died, leaving Locke lonely and talking about ‘Walkabouts’ with phone sex operators he called ‘Helen.’ But in the Alt-Verse, Locke’s fiancee Helen is compassionate and doesn’t care if he’s in a wheelchair or not. Awe, it’s no coincidence she’s wearing that Good Karma t-shirt.

little-charlotte10. Faraday and Charlotte: The physicist and the anthropologist, both born on the island, both arrived on the island with the freighter crew, both died on the island, love unrequited. It was hard not to get a little misty when a time-traveling Faraday saw a little red-headed girl playing on the island (Hi, Char!) and warned her to grab her mama and run. This place is death!

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sayid-nadia9. Sayid and Nadia: There was nothing more torturous for the torture specialist than soldier Sayid’s relationship with his long-lost love Nadia. While in the Iraqi Republican guard, he was forced to interrogate his beloved, who was a prisoner. Sayid and Nadia eventually got married and lived happily ever after for about four minutes and then–BLAM!–she dies in a hit-and-run accident when Jacob comes to ‘visit’ Sayid. Jake, you work in mysterious ways. In the Sideways world, she’s married to Sayid’s brother Omar, which really sucked for him. Like Keamy says, some people just aren’t meant to be together.

*Honorable Mention: I loved the brief but resonating relationship between Sayid and Shannon too, by the way. The spoiled brat was just coming around to being likable when she was shot in the jungle by a panicked Ana-Lucia–not long after Shannon and Sayid had a little island nooky. But Sayid claimed Nadia was his one true love and he carried her picture around all the time, so she got the official ranking spot.

Heartbreaker Alert: Every woman who has slept with Sayid Jarrah is dead (Nadia, Shannon, Elsa), and that was even before he became a zombie! Just sayin.’

rose-bernard-kiss8. Rose and Bernard: Terminally ill Rose never lost faith that her husband was still alive, long before we even knew what a ‘Tailie’ was, and when Rose and Bernard were tearfully reunited midway through Season 2, we choked up. When we learned they were living peacefully by themselves on their own little corner of the island and taking care of Walt’s dog Vincent, we loved them even more.

hurle-libby-kiss-date7. Hurley and Libby: Viewers loved it when the big guy got some love. Watching Hurley develop a crush on Libby–both former patients of the Santa Rosa mental institution–was sweet, which is why we were crushed when she was murdered by Michael! The sweet-natured couple finally got their long-awaited first date in the Alt-Verse: a picnic on the beach–and a mind-blowing kiss to boot.

charlie-claire-kiss6. Charlie and Claire: Young single Aussie mom Claire Littleton and recovering rock star Charlie Pace, the substitute bay-bee daddy, you had us at hello.

kate-sawyer-kiss5. Sawyer and Kate: “Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a gen-u-ine Iraqi. Course, I’m serious.” The con man and Freckles the Fugitive seemed like long lost soul mates, especially after the cage sex…

jack-kate-kiss4. Jack and Kate: … but then again, you can’t deny the bond between Kate and Jack either, who have been making eyes at each other ever since those first hours after the crash, and played house raising Aaron in the flash forwards. And after the sub exploded, it was Jack’s shoulder that Kate wept on. “I couldn’t find you!”

sawyer-juliet-dharmaville3. Sawyer and Juliet: Seriously, I hope you get to have that cup of coffee, kids.

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sun-jin-die2. Sun and Jin: Even though she originally planned to leave her husband when Flight 815 landed in Los Angeles, and even though they have a miracle baby that only exists in digital cameras that’s now an orphan, Sun and Jin Kwon came to be the heart and soul of the island. I still can’t believe they kept you two apart for two years, reunited you for eight seconds and then KILLED YOU OFF the next week! OMG, Sun and Jin are DEAD! There wasn’t a dry eye on the island when they went down with the ship.

desmond-penny-picture1. Desmond and Penny: Just barely edging out Sun and Jin for the top spot, Desmond and Penny clinch the title for Best ‘Lost’ Couple thanks to the emotionally intoxicating Season 4 episode, ‘The Constant.’ In 1996, Desmond begs Penny for her phone number and tells her he’s going to call her in eight years. In 2004, Sayid, the master communications officer, rigs the satellite phone on the freighter, so that Desmond can place the call–and Penny picks up! She tells him she knows about the island and has been desperately searching for him for three years. They exchange vows of love for one another … and then the battery dies. In a heart-warming twist solidifying the super couple, we later see Des and Pen happily married and sailing around the world together with their little boy Charlie, whom they named after the dearly departed Charlie Pace (who infamously warned, ‘Not Penny’s Boat!’).

After that episode aired, who didn’t place a phone call to their own constant in their life? Or make a resolution to join Mystery Island Match.com and find one! Everyone needs a constant. Live Together or Die Alone.

The 2.5 hour series finale of ‘Lost’ airs Sunday night on ABC. Don’t miss the post-show special ‘Jimmy Kimmel: Aloha to Lost,’ featuring the cast, alternate endings and more!

Okay, Losties, let’s have it: Are you Skaters? Or are you Jaters? Jacketeers? Sulieters? Are Rose and Bernard overrated? Should Little Charlie and Ji Yeon date when they grow up? Should Sun and Jin be No. 1?

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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