Seacrest Gives Glee Boys News of Unkind Cut Next Season

It was good entertainment, but was Ryan Seacrest mean at the expense of his guests from the cast of ‘Glee,’ Mark Salling (Puck) and Kevin McHale (Artie)?

On his L.A.-based KIIS morning radio show, Seacrest broke surprising, if not downright disturbing news to the two actors from Fox’s hit series when he read an email from the show’s executive producer, Ryan Murphy. In the email, which Seacrest solicited the night before – he asked, “Any news we can break?” – Murphy said that next season both Puck and Artie will have to audition again for the Glee Club, but only one of them will make it.

“They know nothing of this,” said Seacrest, reading from the email. “It could be fun.”

It didn’t sound like it in the studio.

“Fun for who?” said McHale.

“Will we have to reaudition for the show?” asked Salling. “Are we still on the show?”

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“What will happen if you don’t make it in?” asked Seacrest.

“I don’t know,” said McHale. “I won’t sleep now.”

Some of the show’s fans might not sleep either.

In other ‘Glee’ news, Seacrest asked if there was any truth to rumors of a ‘Glee’ feature film. “It’s news to me,” said McHale. “But I never thought we’d go on tour. I’m down for anything.” And what about talk future guest will include Britney Spears, Susan Boyle, and Jennifer Lopez? “We’re at the bottom,” said Salling, meaning they were among the last to know any news, though he added, “I’ll stir things up. One of the three will be on.”

Our sense is that both actors will be fine. As for their characters, who knows. But what do you think of a possible shakeup on ‘Glee’? What would you like to see happen next?

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