‘Lost’ Finale: The 23 Craziest Moments in ‘Lost’ History

'LOST' (Photo: ABC)

'LOST' (Photo: ABC)

It’s almost time. ‘The End’ of ‘Lost‘ is near! I know, My Dear Losties, just like Desmond, Ana-Lucia, and Claire, “We’re not ready yet.” But on Sunday night, the most addictive mystery drama of our time concludes its run after six incredible seasons.

While we watch the countdown clock with more dread than the Hatch computer warning monitor, let’s take a moment to revisit the most mind-blowing moments we’ve witnessed on this brilliant, bizarre, beautiful journey.


23. That’s weird. There’s a polar bear on a tropical island. Where’d that come from? “Probably Bear Village.” (Thanks for the scoop, Sawyer!)

22. “Guys, Where Are We?” OMG, there’s a monster chasing people in the jungle! Are those Whispers? Who’s that crazy French lady who’s been transmitting an SOS signal for 16 years? And did I mention the polar bears? WTF!?

21. Now There Are Ghosts Too? Is that Jack’s dead dad, up and out of his coffin, walking around the island in a suit and white sneakers??? Why yes, yes it is.


20. Who the Hell Are Nikki and Paulo? Jewel thieves Nikki and Paulo, aka Season 3’s big mistakes, are buried alive in a hilariously entertaining tongue-in-cheek offing of the show’s most hated characters. Honorable Mention: Jack plays football with The Others. Random. Such a minor plot point, but so bizarre.

19. The Ageless Wonder: The mysterious Richard Alpert doesn’t age. In fact, he’s from the 1800s. He was ‘touched’ by Jacob, became immortal and ‘hired’ to be his ‘adviser.’ And doesn’t wear guy-liner. And is totally afraid of the Devil.


18. Under the Sea: In the Season 4 episode ‘Confirmed Dead,’ Daniel Faraday cried while watching a news broadcast that reports there are no survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and features footage of the plane wreckage at the bottom of the ocean. In the Season 6 premiere, there is a shot of the entire island submerged under water sitting at the bottom of the ocean. P.S. Is that a Big Foot? Along the way, Sun, Jin and Sayid discovered a four-toed statue while out for a sail.


17. Mommie Dearest: The unsettling and all-knowing Eloise Hawking shoots time-traveling physicist Daniel Faraday on the island, unaware that he is her son, since he wasn’t born yet–because she was pregnant with him at the time. Huh. Flash forward to an older Mrs. Hawking, who gives her son a journal (which he would later write his top-secret time-traveling equations in) and sends him back to the island, fully aware that her younger self was going to kill him when he gets there. HUH? P.S. Oxford genius Daniel Faraday’s benefactor Charles Widmore turns out to be his father. P.S.S. In the Alt-Verse, Daniel Widmore is a classical musician, whose married parents are none other than Chuck Widmore and Ellie Hawking. Huh.

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16. The Orientation Film: The Losties discover a spliced informational video from the seventies starring a one-handed Dr. Marvin Candle (aka Dr. Pierre Chang aka Miles Straume’s father) who explains there are these peeps called the DHARMA Initiative, who built Dharma Stations all over the island with special black-and-white logos stamped on everything from peanut butter jars to shark fins. And apparently there are ‘Rules,’ due to an unspecified ‘incident,’ in which it is crucial that a code (Hurley’s cursed lottery winning numbers, natch, 4-8-15-16-23-42) must be entered into the Swan’s computer every 108 minutes. Or else.

15. Un-Locke-ing the Secret of the Man in Black: The mysterious Eloise Hawking put the Oceanic 6–minus Aaron–on a Magical Flight to Guam that returned the Losties to the island–but they landed in two different time periods, 1977 and the present. But wait, here’s more crazy for you: Is that Locke standing there on the beach!?! Wasn’t his coffin in the cargo hold on the Ajira jet? Locke becomes Not-Locke when the Man in Black finds his ‘loophole,’ takes over the body of John Locke–and takes over the whole show, stealing the spotlight with each and every devilish misdeed, beginning with the Murder of Jacob. Ruh Roh.


14. It’s a Light Bulb? It’s an Evil Wine Bottle? It’s a Dysfunctional Family? You mean this whole show isn’t about surviving a plane crash? It’s about a sibling rivalry between twin brothers Jacob and What’s-His-Name from Way Back Times, and one is the Island Guardian protecting a secret ‘Source’ of magical light that can never go out, and the other one is the island’s ‘security system’ aka the Smoke Monster aka the Man in Black aka Not-Locke aka Jacob’s nameless twin brother, who really, really wants to get off that damn rock, and he’ll kill everyone in the process. REALLY???


13. Who’s in the Coffin? Off the island in 2007, an emotional Jack reads an obituary in a newspaper that makes him want to jump off a bridge. The identity of the body in the coffin is left as a season-ending cliffhanger, and we later discover it is our dear Man of Faith John Locke. P.S. How did he die? Ben strangled him while he was trying to commit suicide!

12. ‘The Numbers’ Reveal: A recurring theme on the show, The Numbers have been hidden like clues along the way. They were said to represent the Valenzetti Equation, a mathematical formula that predicts the end of humanity. The Numbers — 4 8 15 16 23 42 — appeared everywhere, from the Flight’s Gate Number 23, to 8:15 alarm clock displays, to being the digits Hurley picked to win the lottery. Then we learned ‘The Numbers’ represented ‘The Candidates,’ aka the people who were in contention to replace Jacob as the New Island Babysitter, and their names and corresponding numbers were written (and many crossed out) on a compass in the invisible Lighthouse and on the walls of the Secret Bat Cave. So how did that make them ‘cursed’? Or engraved on the Hatch door? Or become the code that’s entered into the Swan computer every 108 minutes (the sum of all The Numbers)? Um, nevermind?

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11. Screw the Button! Locke loses his faith and decides not to press the button, causing a system failure where the 108-minute countdown timer hit zero, ominous Egyptian hieroglyphs flashed on the clock, Desmond turned the fail-safe key, there was a purple flash across the sky, the island briefly became visible to Penny’s search crew, and oh yeah, by the way: Desmond is now psychic and can travel through time.


10. ‘The Incident’: The Incident we’d long been hearing about since the ‘Orientation’ films finally happens with our Losties trapped in 1977, when physicist Daniel Faraday believes he can change the events of history–namely make it so Oceanic Flight 815 never crashes (and our Losties never meet, sadsies)–by detonating a hydrogen bomb at the Swan station. Juliet gets pulled down the shaft and bashes the bomb with a rock, setting off the explosion–and launching the Sideways time line. She dies in heartbroken Sawyer’s arms, and Miles delivers a message from beyond the grave: “It worked.” Also, she wants some coffee.

9. The Island Moves?: Ben Linus moved the island, by turning something called the ‘frozen donkey wheel,’ which is hidden under the island and zaps you to Tunisia. Wait, what? We later learn the island is actually jumping through time and space, so Locke turns the wheel again, setting the island back on its axis and stops the nosebleed-inducing flashes. WAIT, WHAT????

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8. Now THAT’s Penny’s Boat! Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid and Sun are rescued by Penny Widmore’s search vessel ‘The Searcher,’ and become known as The Oceanic 6, who lead tragic, unhappy existences back home. Reluctantly they all realize, “We have to go baaaaaaack!”

7. Talk about Daddy Issues: Not only does John Locke’s con-man father Anthony Cooper steal his kidney, he also throws Locke out of an eight-story window!!! OMG, Locke just got thrown out a f*%@#ing window!

6. Michael Misfires (in So Many Ways): No one saw it coming when desperate dad Michael Dawson, perpetually looking for his kidnapped son Waaaaalt, made a deal with ‘The Others’ so the estranged father and son could leave the island for good. The price: He shoots Ana-Lucia and Libby in The Hatch. Honorable mention: A startled Ana-Lucia shoots and kills Shannon in the jungle. Whoops!


5. The Losties Massacre: Losing Charlie was a real heartbreaker (long live Not Penny’s Boat!), but multiply that sadies by four when Sun, Jin, Sayid and Lapidus die in an explosive shocker! While attempting to make yet another failed escape, the Losties discover a bomb in Jack’s backpack (planted by Not-Locke), Sawyer accidentally trips the wire, and the explosion sinks the submarine, bringing a shocking, heartbreaking end to three more beloved main characters, and fan fave Lapidus. Honorable mention: Ilana goes boom. Jacob’s lady bodyguard, we hardly knew ya.

4. Locke Was in a Wheelchair?!? John Locke, running around the island hunting boar with his massive knife collection, was paralyzed and in a wheelchair before the crash. Whoa.


3. What’s in The Hatch? OMG, it’s a Scottish dude! And he’s making breakfast! And he’s making his own kind of music! We meet Desmond, who’s been in The Hatch for three years and has to ‘push the button’ every 108 minutes (the sum of all ‘The Numbers’) or like the world will end. Or the cork will pop. Or something.


2. OMG, WAAAAAAAAALT!!!!!!!! Sawyer is shot, the raft is destroyed and Walt is kidnapped by The Others in the shocking Season 1 finale. You call that a rescue???

1. THE FLASH FORWARD. In the game-changing Season 3 finale, we see Jack and Kate, in the future, off the island, and viewers learn that some how, some way, some of the survivors are in fact eventually rescued. They’re seen at an airport, where a despondent Jack, featuring the worst beard ever, screams, “We have to go back, Kate!”

So, Losties, what are your favorite, craziest most perplexing, jaw-dropping moments from ‘Lost’?

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The 2.5 hour series finale of ‘Lost’ airs Sunday night on ABC, immediately followed by a post-show special ‘Jimmy Kimmel: Aloha to Lost,’ featuring the cast and alternate endings to the show.

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