‘Lost’ Finale: Jorge Garcia ‘Jokes’ About Hurley’s Death

Jorge Garcia as Hurley on 'Lost' (Photo: ABC)

Jorge Garcia as Hurley on 'Lost' (Photo: ABC)

Ever since a plane mysteriously crashed on ‘Craphole Island,’ Jorge Garcia has been a ‘Lost‘ fan favorite–pretty much from the moment Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes passed out on top of one of the survivors while ‘assisting’ Dr. Jack Shephard’s rescue efforts.

The ensemble cast’s lovable, bad luck, lottery-winning ‘dude,’ who can see dead people too, provides comedic relief, as well as a lot of surprisingly emotional, poignant moments throughout the course of the show’s six seasons.

I spoke with Jorge Garcia Thursday night at a New York Times Talk Live ‘Lost’ event in New York City, where he talked about tonight’s unprecedented two-and-a-half hour series finale, answered a few unsolved Hurley mysteries, teased an interesting tag-team mission with the duplicitous Ben, and kept insisting that he … dies??! What’s up with that? Find out below.


Tracy Phillips: Now that ‘Lost’ is really, truly coming to an end, how are you feeling about it?

Jorge Garcia: “It hasn’t fully washed over me yet. I haven’t had the extreme moment of sadness that I was anticipating. It’s just kind been, ‘oh this makes me feel a little melancholy, that makes me feel a little melancholy,’ but that’s about it.”

TAP: What can we look forward to from Hurley in the series finale? Does he have a pivotal role in some way in the final hours?

Garcia: “Well, considering I die in the first five minutes … it’s tricky,” he laughs.

TAP: So the guy who sees dead people joins the dead people? Don’t tease us like that! Because a lot has been said about the red shirt you were wearing all season [‘red shirts’ usually die] … should fans be worried about our favorite Dude?

Garcia: “Well, I changed my shirt, it’s a brown shirt now. I went from a red shirt to a brown shirt once we got back to camp, which finally allowed the fans to be quiet about ‘the red shirt problem.’ As far as ‘the red shirts’ go, in Hurley’s case, it was just a coincidence. They [wardrobe] just held up a red shirt and a blue shirt, and I just took the red one. They were more concerned that it was dirty than what color it was. Sometimes you’re just picking a shirt.”

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TAP: Will we learn why Hugo is nicknamed Hurley?

Garcia: “No. I think it’s just because he is kind of squeamish. It came up once in an episode and Hurley said, ‘I’m not going to tell you,’ but honestly, the character was named Hurley first. When they came up with his origin story, they gave him more of an ethnic background and turned him into Hugo Reyes and then Hurley became a nickname.”

TAP: We heard that we’ll see ‘The Hurley Bird’ again. [Editors Note: ‘The Hurley Bird’ is a giant green bird that has appeared twice and screeched Hurley’s name as it flew by.] Is that true? It’s a minor mystery but some viewers still ask about it.

Garcia: “Yeah, I think I can say you will find out more about the Hurley Bird at some point [in the DVD extras].”

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Ben and Hurley on a Mission (Photo: ABC)

Ben and Hurley on a Mission (Photo: ABC)

TAP: What’s most memorable about filming ‘The End’? Who will you stay friends with after the show’s over?
Garcia: “Well, Emerson [Ben Linus] and I, we’ve been bonding a lot lately, because we worked together a lot in that episode, so that’s memorable, and I’m sure we’ll stay in contact on a regular basis. I hope to stay friends with everyone, but Ken [Leung, who plays Miles] has been living down the street from me this season, I went and stayed at his house when we had the tsunami warning. And Nestor [Carbonell, who plays Richard] has also been living very close to me. We’ve been bonding a lot. And the Holloways [Sawyer aka Josh and his wife Yessica], of course.”

~Later during the event, costars Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia made a surprise appearance on stage–to rapturous applause from fans–where they joined showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for a Q&A session with New York Times entertainment editor and moderator Lorne Manly.

Emerson teased some finale tidbits about his new wingman, Hurley.

Michael Emerson: “I’ve had a lot of great scenes with actors on this show, but recently I’ve been working a lot with Jorge Garcia, which I’ve enjoyed enormously. Fate and circumstance might have something for them to do together [in the finale].”

Garcia added that Ben Linus is one of his favorite characters: “I am kind of partial to Ben, and not just because he’s sitting next to me. He gets to say some of the darndest things.”

“That’s a spin-off,” they joke. “Ben Says the Darndest Things”

TAP: Were you happy with the ending they gave Hurley?

Garcia: “It’s a very, very honorable death. But it’s a great death. You thought Charlie’s death good? My death is better … it’s awesome, it’s like, ‘Say HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!’ Bloodbath.”

Which props or mementos will you keep from the island?

Garcia: “I don’t know, I’m going to have to go on the freaking auction with the rest of the people and see what I can get my hands on! I want to see how much my flag from the golf course goes for. I’d also like the Hurley Dharma jumpsuit, the one that’s bloody with Sayid’s blood, that was a very important moment.”

TAP: What’s next for you?

Garcia: “I have no idea. I’m moving back to LA, and figuring it out from there.”

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The ‘Lost’ mega-series finale event begins tonight at 7 p.m./est on ABC.

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