’24’ Series Finale: Will Chloe Go Out With a Bang?

'24's Mary Lynn Rajskub (Fox)

'24's Mary Lynn Rajskub (Fox)

Jack Shephard has moved on, and now it’s Jack Bauer’s turn.

Nearly 24 hours (natch) after ‘Lost’ bid TV adieu, Fox’s ’24’ will count down to zero as its eight-year run comes to an end.

‘24′ Finale Keeps the World Safe For Action TV

On hand for much of that daily derring-do was Mary Lynn Rajskub, who played Jack’s erstwhile go-to gal, Chloe O’Brian.

While many have passed through the high-tech halls of CTU – and some have even left in a body bag – Chloe is a character that has survived dozens of harrowing ordeals. And almost every step of the way, Rajskub never greatly feared that her own days were numbered.

“No, I was not ever significantly concerned, but I would sometimes out of nowhere have a little panic, like, ‘Oh God, what if I die?'” the actress shares. “That’s the beauty of ’24.’ It’s only one day. They could come back the next season and just not have me there.”

Thankfully – especially for Jack, who has called upon Chloe as a lifeline on countless occasions – the crackerjack hacker has been consistently on hand. Asked to assay why her character’s appeal to ’24’ fans, and Rajskub suggests it’s because she went from being “that really annoying, blunt person that people kind of don’t like to then being someone very loyal that gets the job done. I think that was a surprising turn, and that’s what made her compelling and likeable.”

There Will Be No Happy Ending for ’24’s Jack Bauer

Will likeable Chloe endure these last two hours more hours of high-stakes drama, shady alliances and knee-jerk killings to come out of the finale alive and thus be available for the much-discussed ’24’ feature film? After all, this week’s series-ender features a showdown that fans of the Jack and Chloe friendship perhaps had hoped they would never lay witness to.

“I’ve not heard much [about the movie], but I am very much hoping that I will be involved,” Rajskub says. “So please let me know if you hear that I’m in it. Call me at home any time day or night!”

Watch a preview of the ’24’ series finale here:

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