After ‘Lost’: Kimmel Serves Up Phony Finishes, Few Answers

Jimmy Kimmel with Evangeline Lilly and Bob Newhart (ABC)

Jimmy Kimmel with Evangeline Lilly and Bob Newhart (ABC)

Jimmy Kimmel‘s ‘Aloha To Lost’ special helped ease the tension felt by fans as the ABC series’ two-and-a-half hour finale came to a surprising end, by delivering light-hearted banter with cast members and uncorking (no pun intended, Jacob) a trio of “alternate” endings.

There was also the occasional scrap of added insight into the series-ender, if you looked for it. For instance, (SPOILER ALERT) guest Matthew Fox confirmed that he has known all along that the show would sign off with a closing image of Jack’s closing eye – mirroring how ‘Lost‘ started.

“I knew… that he would die,” said Fox, “and I hoped there would be redemption” along the way.

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As for the finale’s penultimate scene, in which numerous passed-on castaways gathered at the Lamppost Station church to apparently move on into the afterlife, Fox said, “What’s beautiful with the way it ends is there’s room for interpretation.”

Um, yeah. A bit!

Kimmel threw a burning question to Daniel Dae Kim: When Sun faced certain death and Jin elected to drown with her, why did neither parent give thought to their daughter back home, Ji Yeon? “A lot of people say that – ‘What about the baby?'” Kim acknowledged. “And there’s not a lot you can say.”

Also: Why were Michael and Walt conspicuously MIA from the otherwise well-attended church gathering? “Michael’s stuck on the island, just whispering to people… for eternity,” Harold Perrineau said, echoing that which was revealed earlier this season when the character’s ghost spoke to Ben.

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And then there were the heavily promoted “alternate” endings, each one a nod to another famous series finale.

In the first vignette, Sayid (Naveen Andrews) was “voted off the island” and had his torch snuffed by the host of ‘Survivor.’ In his video diary, Sayid grumbled, “I did not spend five years in the Republican Guard, get shot at by the Others, get drowned in a pond and take a bomb to the stomach of a submarine just to get eliminated by Jeff Probst!”

The second scenario found Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Claire (Emilie De Ravin) and Jack sitting in a diner booth, while Jin labored to parallel park the Dharma van outside. Channeling ‘The Sopranos‘ – and as ‘Come Sail Away” played on the jukebox – Hurley began to explain the island’s secrets just as the scene abruptly cut to black.

The final alternate ending was the clincher, though, with Bob Newhart (yes, the real deal) waking up from a strange dream in which he ran a Vermont inn. Bedmate Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) then awoke and shared her own wild dream about being stranded on an island.

From a neighboring bed, ‘Lost’ bosses Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cues nixed that coda as well, suspecting it might have been done before. Touting the famousness of ‘Newhart‘s finale, an affronted Bob barked to Cuse, “You think you’ve seen it?!”

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The Kimmel special closed with an ‘Animal House’-style update on what each ‘Lost’ character went on to do. Kate, for example, is “Larry King’s Wife No. 11,” Sayid launched a “successful line of home perms,” chrome-domed Locke joined Blue Man Group, and Hurley went on to win Season 11 of ‘Dancing With The Stars.’

Oh, and the Smoke Monster? Accidentally inhaled by Snoop Dogg.

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