The End of ‘Lost’ Captivates and Enrages the Universe

Got 'Lost'? (Photo: ABC)

Got 'Lost'? (Photo: ABC)

Remember two weeks ago when I said that little sojourn ‘Across the Sea’ was the most polarizing episode of ‘Lost‘? Yeah, scratch that.

Flash Forward to the series finale of the mind-boggling drama that has left fans and critics alike at polar opposite ends of the spectrum. You either loved it or you hated it, and there’s little in between.

How Did It All End?

Here are a few of the reactions from TV critics:

Robert Bianco, USA Today:

“If you were looking for explanations for every twist and turn, you didn’t get them. (Some viewers won’t be satisfied until the producers churn out a multi-volume island manual that answers questions that were never actually posed.) But if you could be content with the “big” answers to the big questions — with exciting adventure, tragic consequences, flashes of humor and romance, and, ultimately, a happy ending — there was satisfaction in abundance.”

James Poniewozik, Time:

“It mattered, it moved, and it achieved. And before we get into any dissection of the plot logic of the ending (or, retroactively, the entire series), the answers or lack thereof, or the balance between science and faith in the resolution, this has to be said. “The End” was an epic, stirring two and a half hours of television, full of heart and commitment, that was true to Lost’s characters as we knew them from season one.”

Mike Hale, New York Times:

“The finale will be compared, in its effect if not its form, to that of the “Sopranos.” The “Sopranos” finale was ambiguous and a bit of a shrug, but not puzzling; to me the “Lost” finale, in the immediate aftermath, felt forced and, well, a bit of a cop-out.”

Todd VanDerWerff, Los Angeles Times:

“The End chose not to tie up loose ends or make the mythology entirely make sense. It decided not to make more specific just why the Monster couldn’t leave the Island or why the Island had to exist for the rest of the world to go on as it is (at least, that’s how I’m interpreting the idea that the Island’s heart going out would mean the end of everything). It probably figured that vague notions in these regards were all we needed.”

Max Read, Gawker:

“Once upon a time, there was a television show about a bunch of people on an island. For six years it was one of the most fascinating things on TV. And then it ended, in the worst way possible.

‘Lost’ ended tonight, and with it the hopes and dreams of millions of people who thought it might finally get good again. SPOILER ALERT: It didn’t. What did we learn? Nothing.”


Fan reaction has been much more divided, and the general consensus is that we were all victims of our own high expectations for the show. Some comments from Fancast readers below:


“Intense, emotional, satisfying. Loved every minute. And just like real life, we didn’t get all the answers, we never do.”

“The ending was perfect. As the writers and producers stated it was focused on the lives of these individuals and their journeys. Like Jack’s father said everyone dies at some point.”

“I cried like a baby. Beautiful, beautiful ending.”

“I absolutely enjoyed the ending. I laughed and cried. . . can’t ask for much more.”

“Absolutely the best finale ever! It didn’t wrap everything up in a neat little package. Instead it opened the door to much reflection. I know I will be watching it over many times. So much to ponder about life and our place in this mortal world. So many lessons to learn!”


“They have got to be kidding, what a cop out, after raising so many awe inspiring questions.”

“I feel cheated…..the finale was suburb except for the last 6 minutes. I don’t understand why such an elaborate story had to be told just to ‘let go’?”

“I feel like I wasted 6 years of my life! I was robbed! They didn’t answer any of the 8 questions!”

“Completely disappointed. Spent 2 hours watching commercials and a half hour learning that they were all dead. How original!!!”

“SERIOUSLY?1?! Seriously? this is how they end it? For a season that promised to answer so many questions, it seems that they left viewers with more questions than they answered.”

“Another show where the writers couldn’t figure out how to end it. Very LAME! The writers knew this was the last season and they still couldn’t give us an ending that worked and tied things together! Maybe they should have given us the Newhart ending. Jack wakes up in bed and wonders about the silly dream he just had!”

How do you feel about the ‘Lost’ series finale, the Day After? Did they ‘owe’ us anything? Are people overreacting? Were viewers too LOST to get it? Or was there nothing there to even ‘get’?

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